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Anyone doing Murph tomorrow:

1. 10mins:  Prep for Murph – make sure you know what modifications you’ll be using if any, know where you’re running, and do any needed mobility work

2. 15mins:  Airdyne at Easy pace – every 3mins do 4 Turkish Get Ups (2 per arm)

Anyone NOT doing Murph tomorrow:

1. AMRAP 5mins: 100m Down and Backs


AMRAP 10mins:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats


AMRAP 5mins: 100m Down and Backs

Competitor’s Program

1. 4×2-3 Back Squats, 20X1, rest 2mins

2. 3 Sets – not for time

4 Strict Deficit HSPU
8-12 Unbroken T2B
:30 Dip Support on Rings

3. 10 Sets:

:30 Airdyne – Moderate
:30 Airdyne – Easy


REMINDER:  Murph Day is this Saturday – please be sure to know your heat time and show up early enough to properly warm up on your own.  Heats will start promptly on the hour.  The BBQ will begin around 1pm – please sign up at the gym to bring a dish to pass.

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