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1a. 3×3-5 Bottom Up KB Press /arm, rest :30
1b. 3×16-20 Reverse Lunges, rest :30
1c. 3×15-20 Wtd Sit Ups, rest :30

2. 3 Sets for max calories:

:60 Airdyne
:60 Rest

Competitor’s Program

1. Back Squat: 3×6-7, 32X1, rest 2mins

2. 3mins: Max Airdyne Calories

3. For Time:

Use 1 Sled to transfer 560/420lbs 100m down and back – must get all the weight down before bringing any back – use as many trips as you want

Notes:  Guys use 8-45lb and 8-25lb plates – Girls use 6-45lb and 6-25lb plates.

“Blesses are those who give without remembering and take without forgetting.” – Elizabeth Bibesco

Working Out With A Cranky Knee

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