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1. 12mins: 1-Rep Bench Press – build to heavy single

Rest 2mins

2. 12mins (:30/:30 x 4 sets of each movement)

a. :15 /side Single Arm DB Bentover Row
b. Hip Extensions or Supermans
c. Strict Sit Ups
d. Jump Rope (great time to practice Double Unders)

Rest 2mins

3. 12mins: Bike / Run / Row / Sled Drag – pick one and work at a continuous pace

Competitor’s Program

1. 5×6 TnG Power Snatch – light and fast

2. 5×6 TnG Power Clean & Push Jerk – light and fast

3a. 3x 12 Russian KB Swings 32/24, rest :30
3b. 3x 8-10 Good Mornings, 20X1, rest 2mins

4. 10mins @ 80%:

4 Wall Walks
400m Row
40 Double Unders

“Know that the pain will pass, and when it does you’ll be stronger.”

Rx: The Obsession Behind The Prescription

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