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1. 8mins: Shoulder to Overhead Tech Work (Press, Push Press, Jerk)

2. 2 Times Through:

5mins: Airdyne
1min: Rest
1min: Alternating DB Snatches
1min: Rest
5mins: Row
1min: Rest

Competitor’s Program

1. 3×4 Split Squats, 30X1, rest :90 b/w legs

2a. 3×4-5 Step Ups /leg, 31X0, rest :60 b/w legs, rest :60 – use bar on back if needed
2b. 3×5.4 Strict Ring Dips, 20X2, rest :10, rest :60

3. 7 Sets – hard effort but sets should be within :01

350m Row
Rest/Walk :90

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

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