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21- Day Challenge

sign up by posting your food log to the website on 9/14-10/4

(go to on the right hand side of the website you will click on member login. Once you are logged in, everyday you will post your results to the comments section on that day)

WHO: If you are looking to get back into a routine with the kids back to school and/or you partied a little too hard this summer, then this is for you! It cost zero dollars, no excuses!

WHAT: For the next 21 days we challenge you to get back on track and looking better than ever. All you have to do is post to each day these 5 items:

  1. Workout: yes or no (need a minimal 3 days per week at CFR)
  2. Nutrition: 3 meals minimum a day with only a
    1. protein (meats and eggs) and
    2. veggie (uncooked or cooked)

*this will be the only thing that cannot be answered with yes or no. Must type out the minimum 3 meals and list your protein and veggies for each of those meals.

  1. Sleep: yes or no (7+ hours a night)
  2. Water: yes or no (40+% of bodyweight per day in oz.)
  3. Fish oil: yes or no (3g per day, consult doctor on recommended dosage if never taken)

WHEN: -9/14 begin posting to website -10/4 last day posting to website.

WHY: Everybody needs a little motivation from time to time and this is your opportunity to get back on track! We have an amazing community and highly recommend that you team up with a buddy to help keep you on track and share ideas with.

*Anyone that completes the 21 Day Challenge and submits a before and after picture to will be placed in a raffle to receive a FREE MONTH MEMBERSHIP. Completing the challenge means for 21 days you posted everyday to the website, exercised a minimum of 3x a week at CFR, consumed 3 meals a day that consisted of only meat and veggies, slept 7+ every night, drank 40%+of body weight in oz., and 3g of fish oil.  There might be a lot of guidelines and very challenging for some of you to complete all of these everyday but its only 21 and we couldn’t call it a challenge if it wasn’t challenging. For those of you that know for sure you cannot complete 21 days of all the guidelines, a little is better than none.

Example of your post each day should look something like this:

click here to see example

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