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1. EMOM x 8: 5-rep Hang Power Clean or Shoulder To Overhead – build as you go

2. :20/:10 x 8: Single Leg Glute Bridge – alternate legs each round

Rest 2mins

3. :20/:10 x 8: FLR Hold

Rest 2mins

4. :20/:10 x 8: Row Calories

Competitor’s Program

1. Build to max 8-rep Split Squat /leg, 30X0, rest as needed

2a. 3×8 Step Ups /leg, 21X0, use DB’s for added weight, rest :60 b/w legs, rest :60
2b. 3xMax Unbroken Strict Ring Dips, 20X1, rest :90

3. 7 Sets for equal times:

Row 350m – goal is :01 faster per set than LW
Rest/walk :90

“Positive anything is better than negative nothing.” – Elbert Hubbard

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