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1a. 3×6 Front Squats – 3 second descend, rest :60
1b. 3×10-12 Ring Rows – 3 second descend, rest :60
1c. 3x:45 Jump Rope Practice, rest :60

2. 5mins:

40 Power Wall Balls
20 Sit Ups
Max Distance Row w/time remaining

Rest 5mins, x2

Competitor’s Program

1a. 2-1-1 Press w/KB or Plates hanging from band on each side, 31X2, rest :60
1b. 3×5 Strict Pull Up, 31X0, rest :90

2a. 3x:30 HS Hold – facing the wall, rest :15
2b. 3x:15 Single Arm Active Hang from the bar /arm, rest 2mins

3. 5 Sets:

6 Alternating DB Snatch – tough but fast
60m Shuttle Sprint (30m down + 30m back)

Rest / Walk 3-4mins


“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”

Why Does Running Make Us Happy?

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