December 2, 2015 Team CFR


Name and age? Keith, 35.
Occupation and city? Corporate Counsel, Rochester Hills
When did you start at CFR? Not sure, around August/September 2014
Do you have an athletic background? None.
What is your favorite and least favorite WOD/movement? Favorite would be the push-up. Least favorite would be anything that makes me worry about my spine.
What is your greatest accomplishment? To be honest, nothing comes to mind. I am hoping for a better future.
Has CFR made you a better athlete? Yes, endurance.
Hobbies? Golf, reading, watching college football, CFR
Top 5 movies? Strange Brew, Caddyshack, Snatch. That’s all that comes to mind as of now.
What’s one thing we didn’t know about you? Everything that I have listed above.
Goals in life? Continue to maintain good work/life balance. Learn how to eat right. Break 70 once in golf.


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