January 15, 2016 Team CFR


1. 0-10min mark (record time or distance on bike)
partner 1: 1mile/.80mile bike
partner 2: 50′ d/b farmers carry
*can only bike while partner is working on farmers carry. Once mile is complete, switch
2. 10-12min rest
3. 12-20min mark (record time or distance on rower)
partner 1 : 750/600m row
partner 2: FLR
*can only row while partner is working on FLR. Once 750m row is complete, switch
4. 20-22min rest
5. 22-26min mark (record reps)
burpee to a plate
*both partners start on the ground, partner 1 gets up from burpee and jumps on plate and returns to ground. once partner 1 returns to the ground, partner 2 goes

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