Let’s Talk About Stress Baby

By: Coach Sammie

I was sent this video earlier this week and I think it does a great job breaking down the effects exercise has on mental stress (both good and bad) and the effects mental stress can have on your exercise. If you don’t have time to check out the video here is a quick synapsis of what it shows:


  1. Positive effects through moderate exercise
    1. releases endorphins
    2. increase self esteem/calmness
    3. decrease depression/anxiety
  2. Negative effects through excessive exercise
    1. negative mood shifts
    2. decrease appetite
    3. increase depression


  1. Decrease lean mass
  2. Decrease progress in heavy lifts
  3. Decrease recovery
  4. Increase soreness
  5. Decrease energy
  6. Increase fatigue

GENERAL ADAPTATION SYNDROME: the body has a general reserve in which our stressors tap into which signal our body to adapt and better respond to our stressors. If we have constant stressors (both mental and physical)  tapping into our reserve then eventually our reserve will run out and we will fail to respond to our stressors.


  1. Eliminate unnecessary stressors (ex: negative people, alcohol)
  2. Avoid unhealthy eating habits
  3. Implement mind-body interventions (ex: mediation, prayer, yoga)
  4. Strive for high quality sleep
  5. Take breaks from intense exercise when stress is high
  6. PREVENTION IS KEY! (keep an eye on your mood and performance. Deal with your stressors before they get worse)


Are You Fueling, Feeding, or Fattening Yourself?

By: Coach Vince

This is meant to be a guide to help you better understand how to get the results you want or why you aren’t getting the results you want.  Quality and Quantity are very important when it comes to making food choices and getting your desired results.  Remember that everything you do produces a result…are you getting the one you want?  Associating a word (fueling/feeding/fattening) to your actions will help you better understand which result you are heading towards.

Answering the questions below before or after you eat a meal will help you better understand what are your behaviors around eating and where your strengths and weakness lie.  For some of us, this will be a lot of thinking. Possibly thoughts you’ve never had consciously when deciding what to have for lunch.  Being more self-aware of the decisions you make, typically leads to more favorable results.  Let’s take a look:

Fueling– proper; quality and quantity. These people usually have; Very high conscious effort on who/where/how/what/when/why you eat.

Long term results: typically achieved

Feeding– one or the other; proper quality and quantity. These people usually have; Some conscious effort on who/where/how/what/when/why you eat.

Long term results: typically frustration

Fattening– neither; proper quality and quantity. These people usually have; Minimal effort on who/where/how/what/when/why you eat. 

Long term results: typically fat gain

Quality– nutrient dense (vitamins, mineral, etc.) and/or improves/maintains biomarkers

Quantity– is determined by desired results

When answering these questions, do you notice a trend on when you make favorable or less than favorable decisions? (aka almost every time I eat alone, I make less than favorable decisions). Answer these questions for one meal/day/week/month to better understand your behaviors around food and where you can improve.

How- is the meal prepared, many chews per load, well is it digested?

Where- is the location of the meal (home, restaurant, car, work, other)?

What- is the number of grams/percentage of daily calories of protein/carbs/fat?

Who- is the meal with, others or by yourself?

When- is the last time you ate, when is the next time you will eat?

Why- is that meal chosen? What is the perceived long/short term view of the meal?

*Everyone is unique. The thoughts and views described above are generalities and will help most but not all.


The Pros and Cons of High Intensity Training

By: Coach J

First lets start by defining the term Intensity with regards to fitness.

  • Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, defines Intensity as Power Output (force x distance / time). The higher the power output, the higher the intensity.
  • Others look at heart rate to determine intensity, where anything over 80% of max heart rate would be considered high intensity.
  • Lastly, some will use a Rate of Perceived Exertion scale to measure intensity. This is usually a 1-10 scale of how hard someone ‘feels’ they worked and anything 8 or higher would be considered high intensity.

For this discussion, lets use the RPE model – I believe its easier to relate to as most people don’t measure their heart rate or use their TI-83 calculator to determine their power output for each workout. Soooo, you know you’re doing high intensity training if you’re breathing very heavy, you feel burning in your muscles, your thoughts are less focused on your movement and more focused on your output, and your effort is not sustainable. With that said, lets talk Pros and Cons:


  • Improvement in work capacity (ability to do more work faster)
  • Faster workouts – you can get more work done in a shorter time which can be beneficial for busy people
  • You push yourself to do things you probably didn’t think were possible – thats kinda cool!
  • Could promote faster results (results usually slow as training age increases)


  • High Intensity training puts a lot of stress on your body (especially your heart and nervous system). If you live a generally high stress life (from work, family, relationships, etc) and you add high stress from your workout, you may be burning the candle at both ends – this could result in poor progress, high blood pressure, injury, poor sleep, fat gain, etc.
  • In order to reach a high intensity in a workout, you must try really hard, and when you try really hard, it is very challenging to focus on the actual movement you’re performing – so unless you’re performing movements / loads that you’re really, really good at, you could hurt yourself. That’s why its important to focus on your movement first and intensity second.

In closing, if you enjoy pushing yourself to a high intensity, you’re best off doing movements at loads that you can perform well with very little thought when you’re breathing heavy and tired. For some, the best exercises for high intensity training are biking, rowing, ski erg, etc. Remember, movements themselves are not good or bad for high intensity training – its all relative to the persons ability to perform the movement when fatigued.

Lastly, if you are chronically stressed from work, family, etc. you will get more out of low intensity training even though it doesn’t ‘feel’ like you’re doing as much work. Remember, stress is stress, and too much stress, too often, can wreak havoc on long term health and fitness.

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect.

Practice makes permanent.

Perfect practice makes perfect.

If you’ve read my posts consistently, there has been a common theme. It’s the pursuit of excellence, and perfection is the holy grail of excellence. The common phrase of “practice makes perfect” has always baffled me, as I’ve seen it disproven every day. Deliberate, focused, perfect practice, is the only road to perfection and it requires three components to deliver.

  1. A clear, just out of reach goal
  2. Informative feedback
  3. Repetition… lots of repetition.

These three ingredients create a potent learning environment that encourages you to reach just past your comfort zone in the pursuit of a goal. Immediate feedback, whether from a coach on the floor, or an Iphone video allows for more adjustments at a higher rate and far fewer wasted repetitions. This allows for the reps to build you towards the summit of your mountain, rather than taking a detour towards the canyon beyond the cliff.

What I haven’t mentioned as part of this pursuit towards perfection is your mental road map. The x-factor of deliberate practice is having a clear ideal form of the skill or activity you are pursuing. This road map provides the course directions for the three criteria mentioned earlier to work their magic. 

It makes sense right? If you are trying to perfect your burpee, how would you know what adjustments to make if you didn’t have a clear picture of a perfect burpee to work from? (I’ve heard Gannon the mannequin loves demonstrating perfect burpees if you are struggling to picture one right now) You can apply this to your work as well. How would I know how to work towards writing a perfect blog post if I didn’t have the beautiful examples of Coach Vince to use as my ideal form. 

In any goal you set, perfection should be the far, just out of reach goal that you are chasing, and it pays huge dividends to be able to visualize the ideal expression of it. Use that perfect form to get meaningful feedback whenever you make a detour off of the perfect road map. Your best chance to finally reach that perfection through deliberate practice is directly correlated with your ability to understand what perfection looks and feels like.

Have an image. Set a goal. Receive feedback. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

-Coach DP

Doorstep Nutrition Detroit

By: Coach Sammie

Hey ya’ll!

I wanted to share some exciting news about an awesome way to MAKE MEAL PREP EASY!

Doorstep Nutrition Detroit is a local company whose mission in life is to provide you with delicious and nutritious meals that are unique to your goals and tastebuds.

“At Doorstep Nutrition, we understand that it takes a substantial amount of time and effort to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s where we come in. We are a Detroit-based prepared meal service. We deliver pre-portioned delicious meals that are health conscious, right to your doorstep. Each and every one of our meals are made fresh with high quality ingredients that are GMO, hormone, and steroid free. Along with the best ingredients, we also offer all-organic meal options in order to comply with any & all diet restrictions. At Doorstep Nutrition, our goal is to eliminate all of the stress and guesswork that comes along with nutrition. Simply heat your perfectly portioned meals and enjoy having a healthier lifestyle delivered right to your doorstep.”

Most of us trying to live a more nutritionally conscious life struggle with some aspect of it. The first steps are to establish a goal, seek out some education, and create some accountability. We can help you with those first steps with nutrition coaching. Once the plan is made action needs to occur. This is where most people tend to struggle. Whether its finding the time to meal prep every meal or finding creative (and edible) meals so that we don’t get bored eating the same thing day to day, it can be tough to stay on track. And that my friends is where Doorstep Nutrition can help. With customized plans that align with your goals and a constantly changing menu filled with delicious dishes (personally verified by Coach J!), you can eliminate that weak point in your daily nutrition and stay on track to your goals.

Doorstep Nutrition is offering all Revivers an awesome opportunity. When you use the code: reviver10 during checkout, you will receive a 10% discount on your meals and if you have your meals dropped off at CFR the shipping fee will also be waived. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

To find out more information, please check out their website https://www.doorstepnutrition.com/. Also please reach out to any of us coaches with any questions.

Figure out what L.E.A.D.S. you and G.R.I.N.D.

By: Coach Vince

Do you struggle with figuring out your goals and staying motivated long enough to reach them? Figure out what L.E.A.D.S you and G.R.I.N.D!

Below are five categories of your life and each category has a question/s.  If you take some serious time to sit down and answer these questions, you will have all the motivation you need to reach your goals.  After you answer each question, the most powerful step comes with you attaching ACTIONS to your words. The next step is to share this with someone that has no problem calling you out on your own BULL$H%T and holding you accountable to the plan you have set forth for yourself.  The last step is to put this in a place that you can see every day; read it, visualize you already achieving your goals, and have gratefulness that your actions today get you one step closer to reaching your goals. Let’s get started!

L– what is the LEGACY you want people to remember you by? What are your daily habits to create this? 

E– what is the EXAMPLE you want to set in your personal life for others to strive for?

A– what do you want to ACHIEVE in your professional life? What do people seek you out for? 

D– what do you DREAM about? What is thing you want that is so big it doesn’t seem possible?

S– what is the SALARY* you want to make? Next year? 3-5yr? 10+yrs? Why?

(*This of course doesn’t need to be made public. Money is not the most important thing and should be used as a tool, to allow you to provide for yourself and others) 






Take a few moments each day to visualize yourself achieving your goal and the steps necessary today that you can work on to achieve that goal. Reviewing it in new means you create the same emotion when you first thought about this goal and/or how it will make you feel when you do achieve it.  This feeds the hunger necessary to stay consistent enough over time to achieve your goal.  If your goal doesn’t get you excited every time you think about achieving it, then it’s not your goal. Most people are highly motivated when they start a project but struggle as the project continues and/or difficulties start to arise to stay motivated. As we all know, progress is not linear.  You are going to go through ups and downs in this journey and that’s to be expected.  Stop looking for outside sources to keep you motivated. Only YOU can motivate YOU!  What better way to motivate you then waking up every day reviewing your dream life?!?!

I hope this helps you put your thoughts onto paper. Don’t underestimate the power of writing a goal down. I would love to learn more about what LEADS you, please email vince@crossfitreviver.com or set up a time to chat in person if you want to share or want some help answering any questions.

Since filling this out for myself I have experienced a tremendous feeling of having a clear direction.  Below is my personal LEADS worksheet filled out.  I’m sharing this because I hope it inspires one person to fill this out and experience the same results I have had….DIRECTION on living your dream life!

This is what L.E.A.D.S me…


I want to leave a legacy of being grateful.  I am a person dedicated to daily habits of worship, empowering and healing thoughts towards family/friends/others/myself, and envisioning success.


The example I want to set in my personal life is to have a happy/healthy/horny marriage, built on love for God, teamwork, communication, constant improvement, seeking to understand, and forgiveness.


I want to achieve a gym that grows into a place where people come to seek improvement over their quality of life through fitness, education, and the community.


I dream about having a home on the lake. A place of joy, togetherness, and serenity.


This will allow me to live my dream of providing for my family, friends, and those in need. It means the gym is growing and in a constant state of improvement


What L.E.A.D.S you?



P.S. The story of how I came up with LEADS and GRIND

I was writing my goals down and after further investigation I started questioning what do these goals really mean and why do I want to accomplish these goals.  My first goal was being a grateful person. After thinking about why I wanted to achieve being a grateful person I was highly motivated by thinking about what I want people to remember me by when I die.  When someone is reading my obituary, I wanted to be known by how grateful of a person I was. This is how I came up with the word LEGACY. 

My next goal was making my wife the most important thing in my life.  We live in a world where getting divorced is so common and unfortunate.  When I thought deeper about this goal, the reason I wanted to achieve this is because I wanted to be an EXAMPLE to my family/friends/others of how two people can live happily ever after.

We spend the majority of life working so we better enjoy what we do.  I feel very blessed to work at a place that allows me to hopefully impact others’ lives for the better.  As I thought deeper about my goal of creating a gym that people come to seek improvement over their quality of life through fitness, education, and community; I couldn’t help but think what an ACHIEVEMENT that would be.

The DREAM category is pretty self-explanatory.   I’ve wanted to live on a lake for a very long time. The water to me is so relaxing and so enjoyable.  Because it is typically much more expensive to live on a lake and I have lived in apartments since 2001 (freshman year of college) it’s hard to believe I could ever afford it or that I would ever live in anything but an apartment.  What a DREAM come true it would be! 

How the SALARY category came to be is I started with the end goals in mind and that helped me better understand the amount of money I would need to be able to make in order to achieve my goals.  Because I am self-employed the salary number also is one of the many metrics we use to help us better understand the success of our business.  The number doesn’t mean anything, it’s what that number allows me to do that is the most important.

As you can imagine when I am writing my goals down and thinking about what each of these goals mean a little deeper I was so excited to see that the letters of each of these categories spell the word LEADS, but I didn’t know what it meant.  As I thought about it more I was overwhelmed with how these goals are the things that should LEAD your decisions every day, week, month, year…life!!! This is exactly how you create your dream life. Knowing what you want and using your goals to LEAD you in order to make the necessary decisions every day to make it happen. 

The word GRIND is such a popular word in social media these days and means work your ass off at all cost to get what you want.  As I thought more about the word GRIND, I think most people look at the word and get scared or pushed away from all the work that’s necessary to reach a goal.  There is no doubt that any goal worth achieving will take a lot of hard work but I wanted to take a very popular word and put a positive spin on it. Because I have worked with thousands of people and watched some succeed and others fail, the difference between the two people was the ability to self-motivate.  What a better way to self-motivate than to fall in the discipline of reviewing your goals every single day.  And when I say review your goals every day, I don’t mean just read them. I mean every day you get excited, grateful, so damn motivated you won’t let anything stop you from reaching those goals.  That was difference maker between winning or losing.   So, you can imagine my excitement when I realized the letters to GRIND perfectly matched Goals, Reviewed, In, New, Daily.

P.S.S People have success when they have the discipline to make this a daily routine. END OF STORY

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Membership

By: Coach J

  1. Attendance

Your membership ain’t worth a damn if you don’t use it – the members who get the best results and experience, attend the gym 3-5x per week, EVERY week

  1. Communicate with your coach

If you have a problem with a movement, a question, or are feeling pain, the only way your coach will know is if you tell them – don’t be afraid to speak up, its what you pay us for 😉

  1. Attend community events

This is where the real magic happens, come to one event and it will explain itself

  1. Join us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

We post a lot of content on our social media platforms – please tune in and share. Be sure to join our Facebook Closed Group – its a members only forum where we can share info, events, questions, etc.

  1. Read Reviver emails and Coaches Corner articles

You have access to weekly blog articles covering topics from nutrition, to exercise, to lifestyle, written by our coaching staff. This allows us to share important educational information without taking up 10-15mins in class to do so.

  1. Give feedback

You are our members, our customers, the people who make this business possible – your feedback is one of the only ways we know if we’re doing a good job and how we can improve your experience – please share it with us!

  1. Personal Training

If you are struggling with a particular movement, need help developing strength in a particular area, or have specific goals you’re after, you can set up Personal Training sessions by the half hour – this is a great way to work on the specific things you’re looking to improve upon.

  1. Fill out Progress Reports

Every three months you should be receiving a Progress Report email (if you’re not, please let us know) – this is your opportunity to reflect on the last three months, determine whats important to you moving forward, and communicate it with us. We read these and respond back, so take advantage.

  1. Attend Physical Assessment Week and track results

Physical Assessment Week is a great time to measure your current abilities and hit the reset button. Remember, this week is used to gauge where you are, not PR everything – what a great time to learn about yourself.

  1. Set up goal setting meetings

When’s the last time you sat down one-on-one with a coach to discuss your goals and develop a plan? If its been longer than six months, I suggest you get on it 🙂

Prepping for a Competition?Consider this…

By: Coach D.P.

Ah, the age old tug of war in training… Dancing between the stress of high effort and the comfort of easing back on the throttle when we start breathing hard is a well-documented experience. Every athlete who has trained performance (whatever their definition of performance is) has had to walk the line of balancing stress and finding comfort in their “red zone.”

When striving for performance, the stress of operating at our limits is critical. It’s here that we can reap the greatest return for our training. The stressors are what drive adaptation, and since I’m willing to bet that no one willingly works as hard as they do in thy gym to stay exactly the same, we can all agree that adaptation is our goal. You want to be better than yesterday, right?

As a coach, I see athletes (especially new ones) struggle with the discomfort that comes with their own top end of performance. Working that hard is uncomfortable, it hurts, and there’s a lot of uncertainty that comes at that level of effort. The most common way that I see people sneak out of this scenario is conversation. It’s fitness version of “changing the subject.” Since the task at hand is causing stress, conversation with another athlete, or a coach is the attempt at breaking the discomfort.


First and foremost, the value of our training is in the commitment to our best efforts. Multitasking (training while holding a conversation) guarantees an effort that is less than your best. Secondly, the value of being in the moment is beyond an amount of money in the world. The holy grail of performance and clarity, “Flow” as it’s known, can only be achieved when we have commitment to the moment.

Our work in the gym is too hard and requires too high of a skill set to let your mind wander. The focus you need to navigate a workout should rival what it takes to paint the Mona Lisa or help your 4th grader with their math homework (that Chicago math is no joke). There isn’t time or room for conversation, dinner plans, texting, or wondering when Coach J’s next viral video comes out.

Daily Double: I’ve found that there’s a surprisingly strong correlation between athletes that are guilty of this conversation fault and failure to count reps accurately. Coincidence?

Focus on the journey. Stay in the moment. It’s where you belong.

Zenplanner Workout Tracker

Hey ya’ll,

For those of you awesome individuals who check/record your workouts on Zenplanner, you may have noticed this week looks little different on the app. In order to accurately present the workouts full breakdown on the Zenplanner app, we had to be very specific in the description of each movement/skill. Because of this, we had to create a new “skill” every time it showed up in a different workout. This becomes a problem when you try to look back through your “library” of skills and 25 Back Squat options show up, you then have to click through every single one to find the set/reps/specifics you are looking for…. no thank you! So we have figured out a solution :). From now on the full workout breakdown will go on CFR website (www.crossitreviver.com). Zenplanner will only show the movements that need to be recorded. I have attached a video below to walk you through this and show you how it will save you time and be much more organized. The old skills will have to be deleted to clean up how the library looks. With that being said, some of your old data will be lost. But going forward this will be a much more efficient way of recording your results and tracking your progress. If you have any questions please let me know!

Is your goal missing a PLAN or ACCOUNTABILITY?

By: Coach Vince

Most people know what they want when it comes to goals at the gym. The classics of wanting to lose weight, get stronger, be healthier, etc.  If knowing what you want typically comes pretty easy, then why do most people fall short of getting what they want?  The reason we fall short of reaching our goal can be boiled down to one of two things: not having a PLAN and/or no one to hold us ACCOUNTABLE.

Let’s face it, goals worth setting in the gym and especially in life will most likely be a challenge. If they’re not a challenge in the beginning, then certainly at some point you will be faced with adversity on achieving your goal.  Plans that have the most success have a few things in common. They are: 1. Specific, 2. Measurable, 3. Attainable, 4. Realistic, 5. And have a Timeline established. 

Throughout the time you have given yourself to achieve your goal, the Plan will be the road map that keeps you on track and helps you get back on track if you drift.  If there is no Plan, no road map to guide you, you can see how easy it is when things get difficult or you lose your motivation to never reach that goal.  Lucky for you, you have a great Coaching Staff here at Reviver that would thoroughly enjoy helping you come up with your Plan to achieve your goal. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and set up an appointment. But what if making the game Plan isn’t your problem…

….. then most likely you struggle with the “C” word (ok ok, get your mind out of the gutter). The “C” word I’m referring to is Consistency.  NEWSFLASH you don’t have to be perfect, you just need to be good more times than you’re bad. On our own, unless you’re a robot, consistency is hard.  I believe that most people struggle with consistency because they don’t have someone holding them Accountable.  When I say “someone”, I don’t mean just anyone.  If you are trying to lose weight, I don’t recommend your Accountabili-buddy (a made-up word that I love to describe the person who is in charge of holding you accountable) being the person you’re trying to lose weight with.  There is undoubtedly a moment in time where one of you will be weak and want the pumpkin spice latte (p.s. you know who you are) and try your best impression of a sales person on your friend to get one as well.  This way if they get one and you get one, it cancels itself out and it’s like neither one of you got one. Am I speaking to anyone right now, is there anyone that can relate?  Your Accountabili-buddy needs to be a person that has no problem helping you stay on track and preferable is a buddy that doesn’t struggle with the thing you do.  I know what you’re thinking…if they don’t struggle with what I struggle with then they don’t know how hard it is for me?  That might be true but the purpose of the buddy is not to understand the struggle (if they do that’s great) but to help hold you Accountable.  That is why coming up with a Plan is so important.  You (and hopefully a Reviver Coach if needed) came up with the Plan. You said it was attainable and realistic, so the buddy is just merely holding you accountable to the Plan you set forth for yourself.  Lucky for you we have the greatest Community here at Reviver.  If you need an Accountabili-buddy please don’t hesitate to reach out to someone you see you at Reviver and start reaching your goal today!