1. 10min Physical assessment
2. 12min with partner
25 KB DL (increments of 5)
25 SA DB Push press (increments of 5)
*partner A starts on KB, partner B starts on DB. they alternate back on forth until 25 reps are completed. Then 1 at a time runs 50′ down and back. once both partner completes run, they switch movements.

3. Immediately following 12min
2017m row


1a. 3×10 ab snails no rest
1b. 3×10 banded face pull no rest
1c. 3×10 hip thrust on bench no rest

2. 15min with partner
50′ opposite carry
:30 hollow hold
50′ opposite carry
*partner bikes

3. 15min with partner
50′ med ball carry
:30 FLR
50′ med ball carry
*partner bikes


1. EMOMx18
M1: Full body x:50
5 plate deadlifts
5 plate bent over row
5 plate press
3 deadlift
2 hang power clean
1 split jerk
M2: :20/:10×2 bicycles
M3: rest (can ez bike if desired)

-5min rest-

2. EMOMx18
M1: reverse bear crawl x:40
M2: SA farmer hold kb or db :30/:30
M3: rest (can ez row if desired)