Is CrossFit Reviver only for elite athletes?
Absolutely NOT!  CrossFit is for anyone and everyone with a commitment to increase their fitness.  Every movement we do in our workouts can be scaled to ANY fitness level.  It is not uncommon to see grandmas, fire fighters and elite athletes training in the same class.  We scale the movements, not the program.

Is This Program Dangerous?
Doing CrossFit is as dangerous as going for a jog around the block; if you don't pay attention to what you're doing and have poor mechanics, you could seriously injure yourself.  At CFR we focus first on mechanics and second on intensity.  We do not push our members to a high intensity until they can consistently move with proper mechanics.  Can you still get hurt even if you move well?  Yes, and quite frankly if your fitness program is 100% injury proof, you're not going to get very fit!

What should I do to prepare to start?  Do I need to get into good shape first?
Get your mind right.  If you have a good attitude when starting it doesn't matter how fit you are.  What we mean by a good attitude is; your ego is left at the door, you're eager to work hard and pay attention, you understand there will be things you're good at and things you suck at, you're determined to get better everyday.  It is absolutely untrue that you need to "get in shape" before you start.  Our program IS what gets you into shape.  No matter how fit you are when you start, the program will humble you immediately.

The classes are for an hour, does that mean the workout takes a full hour?
Each one hour class consists of a general warm up, workout specific warm up, skill work/strength/Olympic Lifting, training session and cool down/mobility.  On average the actual workout will take anywhere from 5-25 minutes.

How many days a week should I train?
Our program is designed to be followed 5 days per week; M/T/W/F/Sat.  Thursdays and Sundays are for rest, making up a missed workout or skill development.  We program our workouts with a goal in mind; our weeks are not just filled with random things.  This is important to know because if you do not train 5 days per week you will miss training days that are important to your success.  Furthermore, unlike traditional gyms we prefer to see your smiling face on a daily basis.  It makes us happy to see you and it makes you fitter to be here, so its a win-win.  Even if you're sore or battling a minor tweak/injury, still come in, we will put something together to help you recover.

Can I still train if I'm injured?
It depends on the injury, but most likely yes.  If you have a minor injury like a sprained ankle or you tweaked your wrist, by all means come on in and we will change up the workout to something that will fit your needs.  However, if you suffered a more serious injury you should take a rest from training and see a specialist to develop a plan to recovery.

What does AMRAP mean?
AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible.  If the workout says AMRAP 15mins of 5 Pull Ups and 20 Squats, your goal would be to do As Many Rounds of 5 Pull Ups and 10 Squats As Possible in 15mins.

What does EMOM mean?
EMOM stands for Every Minute On the Minute.  If the workout says 3 Cleans EMOM for 15mins, you must perform 3 Cleans at the start of every minute for 15 minutes.  Whatever time is left in the minute after you complete the reps is your time to rest.

When the workout says 5 x 1 or 3 x 3, etc., what does this mean?
Whenever you see this the first number stands for sets and the second number stands for reps.  If it says Back Squat 5 x 1 then you will complete 5 sets of 1 rep of Back Squat.  This does not necessarily mean a 1 rep max, however you would not use a weight that you could do 5-10 reps of...we want it to be a challenging weight for 1 rep.

What does it mean when there are "a" and "b" parts to a workout?
Example:  1a. 4x5 Back Squats, rest :60  1b. 4x10 Pull Ups, rest :60In this case you will be performing 4 sets of each movement, alternating between the two.  You will start with 5 Back Squats, rest for 60 seconds, then perform 10 Pull Ups, rest for 60 seconds, then repeat 3 more times.

What if I am unable to make it to the Intro Class on Saturday, but I am interested in checking out CFR?
Simply CONTACT US to schedule an appointment or come during any class time to see a class in action and ask questions.

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