At Reviver Strength & Conditioning, we are confident we have the right program for you, whether you’re new to Crossfit or an experienced competitor. Please review the programs we offer below and be sure to call or email with any questions or comments.


CrossFit is a group fitness program, led by a certified coach, that helps with FAT LOSS (conditioning), IMPROVED STRENGTH (strength training) and IMPROVED CONFIDENCE (community). This program will help you achieve your goals if you are ready to work hard to achieve them.

  • The focus and programming is geared towards balanced fitness with the promotion of longevity. We use a combination of Gymnastics (bodyweight movements), Weightlifting (power lifts and Olympic lifts), and mono-structural (running, rowing, biking, etc.) movements.
  • Each class is a one hour long group session consisting of 2-14 athletes. View our schedule HERE.
  • Each class is comprised of a general warm up, specific warm up, training session / workout, and sometimes cool down or extra credit.
  • Led by a certified CrossFit coach.
  • Group training at CFR is one of the most motivating and fun experiences you will have exercising!
  • Each new member must go through our On-Ramp program before joining Group Classes.
  • If you’ve been doing CrossFit at another facility and would like to by-pass the On-Ramp, you may schedule a Test-Out. Please contact us to schedule.
  • 3 Day/week Membership: 3 Months $188, 6 Months $168, 12 Months $148
  • Unlimited Membership: 3 Months $216, 6 Months $196, 12 Months $176


We believe that to maximize the benefits of training, every person should have a unique program written just for them. Individual Programming allows us to create the perfect workout strategy for your specific needs. When writing your individual program, we consider your previous training, your age, lifestyle, nutrition, stress, goals, injuries, mobility restrictions and other factors.

If you’re interested in an individual program, contact us and we’ll set up a time for a consultation. During the consultation we’ll discuss all of the things listed above and we’ll do a physical assessment to get an idea of where you’re starting and design your program from there.

When following an individual program, you’ll be sent your training schedule via Fitbot (software program) each week. You will attend group class as usual (so you’ll still get to hang with your homies!) but you’ll complete your custom workout instead of the group class workout. We ask that you record your results daily via Fitbot to ensure constant communication with your coach. We require a 6 month initial commitment to get started with your individual program.  The investment is $248 / month with a 6 month commitment.


We also offer personal training to help you meet your goals. Choose from a training schedule of 4x, 3x or 2x/week for either 3, 6, or 12 months. Rates range from $55-$75/hour – depending on time and commitment.


Do you find yourself constantly modifying the daily workouts due to mobility restrictions, injury or your current fitness level? Or, do you feel like the workouts could be a bit more challenging? Or maybe you have a glaring weakness and want to focus on improving it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the program for you!With a customized group program you will attend our group classes per usual, except the workout will already be strategically ‘tweaked’ to suit you best. You will be assigned to a coach who will modify your workouts ahead of time so when you come to class you already know exactly what you’ll be doing for each part of the day. No more guessing, no more modifying on the spot, and no more looking back and saying, ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’. Your coach will hook you up with a Fitbot account that you’ll use to view your workouts, record results and keep constant communication with your coach.

This program is available for $72 / month (additional to your membership rate) – if you’re interested you may contact us for more details and to setup a meeting with one of our coaches.


This is an individually designed program to help accomplish goals through nutrition.

  • Begins with a one hour consultation discussing initial questionnaire, goals, lifestyle, etc.
  • This program will help educate you about nutrition itself and how to use the foods you eat to attain the goals you have, whether they are performance, health or “look good naked” related.
  • 4 Month commitment (month-to-month after)
  • 2 meetings per month (60min initial + 30mins each thereafter)
  • 75$ initial fee + $75/month

To begin the Nutrition Coaching program, please Contact Us.