At Reviver, we’re all about YOU. Our goal is to provide you with a program that is going to meet you where you are, challenge you appropriately, and progress you towards your goals. Please review the programs we offer below and be sure to call or email with any questions or comments.


CrossFit is a group fitness program, led by a certified coach, that helps with FAT LOSS (conditioning), IMPROVED STRENGTH (strength training) and IMPROVED CONFIDENCE (community). We start with a consultation including a thorough movement / lifestyle assessment before you begin.

  • The focus and programming is geared towards balanced fitness with the promotion of longevity.
  • We use a combination of Gymnastics (bodyweight movements), Weightlifting (power lifts and Olympic lifts), and mono-structural (running, rowing, biking, etc.) movements.
  • Each class is a one hour long group session consisting of 2-14 participants. View our schedule HERE.
  • Each class is comprised of a general warm up, specific warm up, training session / workout, and sometimes cool down or extra credit.
  • Each new member starts by going through our On-Ramp program before joining Group Classes to learn movement, build confidence, and gain exposure to our community.
  • If you’ve been doing CrossFit at another facility and would like to by-pass the On-Ramp, you may schedule a Test-Out. Please contact us to schedule.
  • PRICES (monthly rates)
    • 3 Day/week Membership: 12 Months $148, 6 Months $168, 3 Months $188
    • Unlimited Membership: 12 Months $176, 6 Months $196, 3 Months $216


Do you consistently have to change / modify the daily group workout? Or do you have more specific goals than what the group workouts are programmed for? Than this might be a great program option for you. With a customized program you can choose to have your workouts mimic the classes so you can still participate with the group – OR – they can be written from scratch based on your goals.

When following an customized program, you’ll be sent your training schedule via Fitbot (software program) each week and then complete your training during class time. We ask that you record your results daily via Fitbot to ensure constant communication with your coach. The investment is $248 / month with a 6 month commitment.

If you’re interested in an customized program, contact us and we’ll set up a time for a consultation. During the consultation we’ll do an assessment of your ability, lifestyle, and goals to get an idea of where you’re starting and design your program from there.


Want to nail down those Double Unders? Get your first Muscle Up? Learn the Olympic Lifts? Or maybe you just need some extra help with your Back Squat or mobility. We can easily set up 30 to 60 minute Skill Sessions to work on the specific movements you need help with. Chat with a coach about scheduling your first session – 30mins for $35 or 60mins for $65.


This is an individually designed program to help accomplish goals through nutrition.

  • Begins with a one hour consultation discussing initial questionnaire, goals, lifestyle, etc.
  • This program will help educate you about nutrition itself and how to use the foods you eat to attain the goals you have, whether they are performance, health or “look good naked” related.
  • 4 Month commitment (month-to-month after)
  • 2 meetings per month (60min initial + 30mins each thereafter)
  • 75$ initial fee + $75/month

To begin the Nutrition Coaching program, please Contact Us.