May 9, 2016 Team CFR


I joined CrossFit Reviver because I wanted to get stronger and was tired of getting hurt. I was paying way too much money at Lifetime Fitness and wasn’t improving. I was constantly injured and felt like my trainers and coaches did not pay attention to me or correct my form.

I sought out a place that focused on form, education, and injury prevention. I went to 4 different CrossFit boxes and “interviewed” their coaches. I chose Crossfit Reviver because Jeremy and Vince gave proper information and made me feel comfortable and safe.

I am stronger in EVERY way! I have had ZERO exercise related injuries since I joined and that is a HUGE DEAL. I receive a lot of great attention from my coaches. When I was at Lifetime my deadlift was 155 lbs. At CFR, my deadlift is currently at 300+ lbs! I am receiving Strongman Specific Programming and so far it is going great!

I would recommend CFR! Most importantly if someone gets injured exercising often, then they should come here. Education on movement is huge here and extremely beneficial. The coaches are so invested. These guys are the best and I want to learn from the best so that’s why I’m here!