May 9, 2016 Team CFR


I would ABSOLUTELY recommend CFR for training and Nutritional Coaching!

I joined CrossFit Reviver because I was facing hurdles that I was having a hard time conquering. I felt I was plateauing and wasn’t happy with the results I had seen physically and struggled with muscle recovery.

Soon after joining, there were certainly noticeable results. “Looking in the mirror” was great again after going some 6 months without any significant physical results! Most of all, my strength increased and I was finally able to effectively recover in a timely fashion. I no longer feel like a 90 year old climbing the stairs after “leg day”.

Nutrition Coaching helped me realize nutritional deficiencies and I was able to make new and improved dietary decisions a part of my daily life thanks to the accountability and insight the one on one coaching provided. I’ve gained a new perspective on food and the importance it has relating to training and general well-being. Sounds obvious, but it was something I didn’t fully realize until working with Coach Vince.