May 9, 2016 Team CFR


I joined CrossFit Reviver roughly 6 months ago (approx. July 2015).

For me, CrossFit seemed kind of intimidating so I spent a few weeks visiting other facilities in the area and speaking with other coaches. Like most pre-CrossFit people, my workouts consisted of the treadmill, free weights, machines and the like.

It was really important for me to find a facility and team of coaches that actually took an interest in my well-being from both a safety and training perspective. Like any sport, having complete trust and respect for the coaches is key to one’s success.

During On-Ramp, Coach Jeremy and Vince really took the time to explain, re-explain, and apply consistency in each and every one of the sessions I had with them. This not only made sure that I was doing the movements correctly and safely it also helped to solidify my trust with these guys.

This facility is rather unique and Jeremy and Vince have built a very special place and community. The other members are friendly, encouraging, and willing to help new members. I highly recommend this place and especially the coaches.