May 9, 2016 Team CFR


I chose CFR’s Individual Programming because I was having some health issues and since the workouts were designed specifically for me, I was able to continue to exercise without negatively affected my health. It was also more flexible with my time. If I was earlier than a group class or later, I could still workout.  It was also more geared towards my interests and tastes. For example, I wanted to do more weight lifting than cardio. Jeremy also geared it towards days I had more energy, my tougher workouts were on the weekends and my lighter workouts were on Mondays.

I saw a dramatic increase in my strength. My press, bench, deadlift, and front squat all increased at least 10#. My overall hip mobility greatly improved, with proper warm-up, I can now squat to depth! My upper body strength increased a lot and I saw a big change in my the way my arms and back looked. I also feel much more stable in my core.

I would definitely recommend the individual training to anyone. If you have specific goals or needs Individual Programming is the way to go. My health and mobility issues were making it hard to do the group classes and without the individual training, I probably would have stopped working out all together. I feel like I am a better athlete now than when I started, and I’m healthier in my mindset and lifestyle. I was also impressed with how knowledgeable Jeremy was.