May 9, 2016 Team CFR


I joined CrossFit Reviver because I found the coaching staff to be very knowledgeable. They were able to effectively communicate their knowledge, provide ongoing learning experiences such as seminars for their members as well as themselves, and I felt that they had a genuine interest in helping me achieve my training goals.

Since starting at CFR, I have achieved a personal record in my back squat, front squat, press, bench press, and clean. As an advanced lifter, these results are difficult to attain. I have also progressed in various gymnastics skills.

I recommend CFR to everyone that I have a training/exercise discussion with! In addition to the reasons above, the CFR coaching staff are very appropriate with beginners. Some of the main concerns that people generally communicate to me regarding the initiation of an exercise program is that the movements will be too difficult for them, they will be too sore, the trainers will have them doing too much too soon, and they won’t be as fit as the rest of the class.

Through CFR’s On-Ramp program, the coaches ensure the movements are modified to the individual’s ability, the intensity and volume are started at an appropriate level in order to avoid the risk of extreme soreness or injury, and everyone in the class is a beginner so they are starting at similar relative fitness levels.