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I chose CFR’s Individual Programming because I was having some health issues and since the workouts were designed specifically for me, I was able to continue to exercise without negatively affected my health. It was also more flexible with my time. If I was earlier than a group class or later, I could still workout.  It … Read more "Kelly"
Since joining CFR, I’ve lost 16 lbs in 5 months, 14 inches, gained full body strength, achieved my 1st strict pull up, ran my fastest mile ever, improved my energy and gained better eating habits. I’m in great shape, I feel better about myself and I look great! I would recommend CrossFit Reviver to anyone. … Read more "Mary"
I joined CrossFit Reviver roughly 6 months ago (approx. July 2015). For me, CrossFit seemed kind of intimidating so I spent a few weeks visiting other facilities in the area and speaking with other coaches. Like most pre-CrossFit people, my workouts consisted of the treadmill, free weights, machines and the like. It was really important … Read more "Erich"
I would ABSOLUTELY recommend CFR for training and Nutritional Coaching! I joined CrossFit Reviver because I was facing hurdles that I was having a hard time conquering. I felt I was plateauing and wasn’t happy with the results I had seen physically and struggled with muscle recovery. Soon after joining, there were certainly noticeable results. … Read more "Derek"
I joined CrossFit Reviver after I moved to Michigan from New York. I went to several CrossFit boxes in the area looking for the right fit. After I sat down with Vince and Jeremy, I chose to join CFR because they made such a great first impression. They seemed very knowledgeable and the cost of membership … Read more "Curt"
I joined CrossFit Reviver because I wanted to get stronger and was tired of getting hurt. I was paying way too much money at Lifetime Fitness and wasn’t improving. I was constantly injured and felt like my trainers and coaches did not pay attention to me or correct my form. I sought out a place … Read more "Audra"
I joined CrossFit Reviver because I found the coaching staff to be very knowledgeable. They were able to effectively communicate their knowledge, provide ongoing learning experiences such as seminars for their members as well as themselves, and I felt that they had a genuine interest in helping me achieve my training goals. Since starting at … Read more "Elise"
CrossFit Reviver isn’t just another “box”, it’s more like another family! The coaches are amazing. Not only do they strive to help you reach your goals, they genuinely care about every person there. I could rant and rave all day long. Bottom line, the coaches are the shit, and everyone there has been a factor … Read more "Breanna"

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