1. 10min Physical Assessment

2. 20min with a partner
5 push up
10 KBS
20 Jump rope
.30 bike

*I do a rd, you do a rd. rd will take about :90 per person


1. Body
a. 5x10 wtd glute bridge rest:30
b. 5x20 banded glute steps rest:30
c. 5x50' walking lunge rest:30

2. 2min/2min x5 sets (20min)
SA DB clean 5/5
Med ball slam 10
Wall ball 10
Row with time remaining


1. :30/:30x24min
bike x 8 sets
burpee x 8 sets
sit up x 8 sets

2. Body
a. 4x10 DB curl rest:30
b. 4x5/5 around the world rest:30
c. 4x10 leg lower rest:30


1. Activation
a. 3x10/10 side step down
b. 3x10 supinated banded row

2. Strength
a. 5x10 DB front squat rest :60
b. 5x7 Chin up rest :60

3. EMOMx10 (:25 work :05 transition)
AHAP farmers carry 50' d/b

4. tabata

Meet Coach Sarah

Hey friends!

Happy 2019! I’m Sarah Neuman, the new coach around these parts. You can call me Carson, Sarah, Coach Sarah, but do not forget the H! 

I am excited to embark on this new fitness opportunity together! I fell in love with fitness about 5 years ago thanks to my now husband, Alex (queue awe’s). When we first met, he was starting the fitness club on Oakland University’s campus and asked me to attend a class with him. Not having worked out previously, but wanting to impress him, I boldly agreed to attend. After the third burpee, I thought I was going to pass out but I continued to go because I loved the way working out made me feel. I found Reviver 3 years ago. I was looking for a new gym and saw a man in a Verizon store wearing a Reviver t-shirt. I decided to google Reviver and BAM!... the rest is history. Now seeing all the progress that I have made over the years, I cannot help but feel the fire in my belly to push myself and help you all through your fitness journeys! 

Reviver has a lot to offer; the workouts, the coaches and/or the community, and I personally value each of these. I’m an extraverted introvert with a passion for leading and helping others which ultimately drove my interest in coaching. 

Outside of Reviver, I work for a financial software company. I enjoy spending my free time with my hubby and three cats. I personally love burpees so if the three cats comment didn’t tell you I was crazy, this comment should. 

If you have set any new year’s resolutions and are looking for an accountabili-buddy you can account-me in! (Cheesy I know, but I can’t help it).

Looking forward to this adventure with you!