1. 10min Physical Assessment

2. 20min fit w/ friend
300m run
21 burpee
300m run
21 wall ball
300m run
15 wall ball
300m run
15 burpee
300m run
9 burpee
300m run
9 wall ball

*alt 100m runs d/b if finish before 20min


1. strength
5/5 DB snatch

2. cardio
:30 jump rope

3. cardio
16min fit w/ friend
10 tuck up
25' bear crawl
10 ball slam
25' gorilla crawl
*friend rows


1. activation
a. 3x10/10 DB kickbacks
b. 3x10 ring row

2. strength
10min build to heavy 5 rep bench press

3. strength
every 3min
3x10 @60%, 10 @50%, 10 @40%

4. strength
4x 10,10,10 DB curl rest 2min

5. core
:20/:10x8 lying K2E


1. cardio
a. 8min cycle
20 bike cals
20 light unbroken BB press

2min rest

b. 8min cycle
20 row cals
20 sit ups

2min rest

c. 10min cycle
:30 FLR
20 step ups
:30 bent over plate hold
20 glute bridge


1. activation
a. 3x10 banded kneeling squats
b. 3x5/5 bird dog

2. strength
Every :75 x 5 sets
10 DB front squats

3. cardio
10 push ups
100m run d/b
bear hug carry d/b w/time remaining

My Reasons To Exercise

CC vince-2.jpg

By: Coach Vince

1. Because humans were meant to move.

There’s a reason why you feel better when you move. The physiological and psychological benefits of blood flow from movement are vital to our overall health and an absolute must! I exercise because I was meant to move and I want to do it as long as possible.

2. To not be weak. *

Ever take some time off the gym and come back feeling weaker than ever? It seems like it takes forever to see gains but only a blink of an eye to lose them. As I get older I see the importance of having strength not just in the gym but in everyday life. It’s inevitable that as you age, you’ll lose strength. I don’t need to be the strongest I’ve ever been, just strong enough to not limit me from the things I want to do. I exercise to push off weakness as long as possible.

3. Maintain a high minimum expression of what my body is capable of. **

Professional athletes often train to find what their maximum expression of what their body is capable of. Trying to consistently improve upon personal records daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. Our bodies are capable of tremendous things. I spent about 6 years pushing my body to the limit day in and day out to see what it was capable of. It was an incredible learning experience…but it came at a price. A post for another day. I’m not a professional athlete, I’m someone who wants to live long and prosperous. Instead of finding out my maximum potential, I exercise to keep a high minimum expression of what my body is capable of for as long as possible.


*2. and 3. are separate reasons because I’m referring to absolute strength in reason 2. What’s your maximum ability to apply force to an object.

**3. Refers to your capacity in the general skills of fitness…mobility, balance, strength, endurance, coordination, stamina, power, speed, agility, accuracy. 


Why most people exercise…

Most people use exercise to lose weight. My opinion is, you’ll eventually hate exercise if it’s used only to burn calories. Exercise does so much more than just burn calories and is vital to living a long, healthy life. Minimizing exercising to just burning calories creates a poor perception of it. Exercise then becomes, how hard was the workout, how sweaty did I get, questioning if you did enough, etc.

When exercise is aligned with its proper intent…it’s something you’ll want to do as long as possible. When it’s something you want to do as long as possible, it’s not so important what you do, it’s that you do it. Just like most things in life, you get the benefit of the behavior through consistency. I value exercising consistently more than how high can I get the intensity today. Doesn’t mean I don’t have intensity, it just means its adjusted to my ability to come back tomorrow. I plan on about 22k more tomorrows God willing… :)


Why do you exercise?


I would love to hear from you! Do you agree or disagree with my reasons? Please send me an email listing your reason/s on why you exercise. vince@crossfitreviver.com.