8 Highlights to Celebrate 8 Years
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By: Coach Vince

In no particular order…

1. We have a member that has lost 100#! This person was a former college athlete that throughout the years let their health take a back seat. Coming to the gym regularly was no problem, because they spent the majority of their life working out. This person’s aha moment came when they linked the consistency with the gym and nutrition together. It has sparked a whole new life for this person and it was incredible to be a part of their journey. The best part is, the weight is still off several years later!

2. 14…we’ve had 14 women go full term pregnancy with us!!!  Kinda crazy, right?!?! These females were incredibly motivating to be around. They were extremely smart about how they exercised but knew it was important to stay consistent with their exercise to grow a healthy baby!!!

3. We have had a handful of marriages come from the gym. Meaning the commonality in all these relationships was that these people had their first interactions with each other at Reviver. I really enjoy sharing this with people because I think it speaks to the relationship building that goes on at our gym. We’re serious about working out and being healthy but we’re even more serious about developing relationships with people and we’re glad to see the community is as well!!! 

4. We have a 95% + retention rate over the years! This means a lot to us, because you not only trust us with your health but you keep coming back for more!!! We take your health very seriously and you continuing to come back drives us every day to be better for you!!! We spend most months in the 97% range which is the gold standard for the fitness industry. For the members who have 2,3,4,5,6,7+ years with us…Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, you’re the best!!!

5. We have 4 full time coaches. This still boggles my mind. Thinking back on year one when Jeremy and I coached every class 7 days a week, this is such a dream come true. Hiring full time employees is a huge step for a small business and we’re super thankful for our staff that helps us live out our dream every day and hopefully theirs as well!!!

6. We have moved two times. Our first facility was a 1600sqft hallway (just on the other side of m-59).  We tried to make it as nice as possible but it was more on the dump side of things. We knew we had something special when our membership grew like crazy and we had more female members then male members. If we could get the females to look past the appearance and appreciate the coaching/workout/community that we were on to something good.  The next space was double the size and just across the parking lot from the first facility. We thought we were in a state of the art facility compared to the original place but in hindsight it just had a fresher coat of paint on it. That place served us well as our membership continued to grow. With classes over flowing in just a short amount of time, we knew it was time for another move asap. The building we are currently in, is our biggest building yet at 8400sqft. I still can’t believe this is our home. Having three bathrooms, a shower, multiple offices, plenty of gym space, and a stand-alone building to not have to worry about the neighbors is such an incredible blessing!

7. We have a member that has been with us since day 1 and has averaged 4 visits a week over the course of 8 straight years. That’s what I call…Consistent!!! That best part about this person is they were not a worker outer (yes I just made that word up) in their previous life.  Talk about a lifestyle change!!! They continue to rock it still to this day, with no end in sight!!!

8. Ok I might have fibbed a little bit about “no particular order.” This one is my favorite and I’m sorry it’s a little selfish. My favorite highlight over the past 8 years…is my relationship with Jeremy. We became great friends in college and that friendship grew throughout the years. He’s my best friend in the whole world and we continue to grow that relationship. What’s grown our friendship and our business over the years is our differences. We embrace them and use them to challenge each other in becoming the best versions of ourselves. Although owning a small business can be tough, I’m so grateful through the ups and downs that our relationship has continued to move onward and upward!!! Cheers to many more years to come!!!

Bonus highlight… I still can’t believe I get to work with my wife every day!!! Sharing the same passion and getting to fulfill it with each other every day is such a blessing. Watching her work other full time jobs and not be fulfilled was such a bummer. Once the gym gave her an opportunity to live out her passion, it has been awesome to watch her growth ever since! It’s crazy to think that the gym use to operate without her! 

To all of the members of Reviver, thank you! Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for letting us help you. Thank you for best 8 years of my life and hopefully many more to come!!!

I would love to hear some of your highlights. Whether you’ve been with us for a month or all 8 years, send me your favorites…vince@crossfitreviver.com


1. Strength
a. 3x10 BB bent over row r:30
b. 3x5-10 push ups r:30

2. Strength
a. 3x15 BB curl r:30
b. 3x15 DB Skull crusher r:30

3. Cardio
10 cal bike
5/5 DB renegade row

2min rest

10 cal row
10 ball slam


1. Strength
a. 4x:30-:60 FLR r:30
b. 4x15 kneeling WTD squat r:30

2. Strength
a. 4x:20-:40 per side Side Plank r:30
b. 4x8/8 split squat r:30

3. Strength
a. 4x:30-:60 hollow hold r:30
b. 4x15 B. WTD squat pump


1. Strength
a. 4x10 DB lateral raise 30X0 r:30
b. 4x10 B. 1.5 Front raise r:30

2. Strength
a. 4x8/8 KB SA press r:30
b. 4x8/8 SA DB reverse fly r:30

3. Cardio
15min brisk walk/jog/run

My Keto Experience
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By: Coach Sarah

For those of you who don’t know over the past few months I have been playing around with my nutrition to figure out what works best for me. I’ve tried several different combinations: high carb, low fat; low carb, high fat; moderate protein, high protein; etc. 

I’ve found the greatest success throughout the low carb, high fat, moderate protein trial better known as Ketosis. Ketosis is where the body breaks down stored fat for energy instead of using carbohydrates as the energy source. I personally do not define success strictly as pounds lost even though that has been a benefit. I define success as feeling my absolute best day in and day out. By this I mean I wake up more energized, I feel less bloated, I retain information and have greater focus within my day-to-day. 

Obviously, throughout these different trials there have been different caloric breakdowns as well. Originally, I was eating between 1000-1200 calories a day. This is pretty low for most and wasn’t providing the appropriate level of nutrition that my body needed. Today, I’m eating around 1600 calories a day and am consistently losing weight. 

Throughout all of these trials, I’ve dealt with the standard ups and downs of stress at my day job and the craziness that life brings. From traveling, to being in weddings, to having clients in the office - I’ve fallen off the wagon when life really got tough but have gotten back on track when I needed the stability of it most. Personally, I take comfort in the things I can control and the food I put into my body is definitely one of them. 

I’ve said this for a while now, but I really do believe that everyone’s body is unique and operates differently. Interested in what the right breakdown may be for you and your body’s nutrition intake? Reach out to schedule a meeting with a coach!