Reviver Ice Cream

By: Coach Vince

When you walk into an ice cream shop the possibilities are endless.  What flavors, what toppings, and what size leaves you with a lot of choices to make. I’m guessing if 10 people walked into an ice cream shop, no two orders would be exactly the same.  We all have a little difference in our preferences when it comes to how we like to enjoy our ice cream.  No matter what the order looks like, however, you always end up with a pile of delicious sugar, while most likely enjoying the company of other people, and partaking in some combination of laughing and smiling.

When you walk into Reviver to work out in the classes there are several possibilities also, maybe not as many as the ice cream shop, but still alot.  At first you don’t mind this because you are ok with sampling all the different “flavors”: Cardio, Strength Training, Barbell, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Bodyweight Movements, Gymnastics, High intensity, Low intensity, etc.  As time goes on you start to develop a taste for certain flavors, toppings, and portion size.  I’m guessing if 10 people walked into Reviver no two preferences would be exactly the same. Because there is such variety on preference, we want to make sure you enjoy every workout you are being served.  If we are serving vanilla and you want chocolate, ask a coach to help. If you want sprinkles and we didn’t put sprinkles on it, ask a coach to help.  If you want two scoops instead of one scoop, ask a coach to help. We all have at minimum a little different preference when it comes to how we like to enjoy our workout.  No matter what the workout looks like at the end of the day, hopefully you got a little sweaty, enjoyed the company of other people, and engaged in some combination of laughing and smiling.

When writing the program for the group there are 3 major things I take into consideration.:  

  1. The physical assessment helps me pick movements that are best for the majority of the group. Of course, that’s not everyone and if you feel like your outside of the majority, please let us help.

  2. Most people like to work out 4 different ways. 1. Strength training, 2. Cardio, 3. Body building, and 4. a combination of all of those.  I write the programming to have each of those components every single week.  Because the program is written for 5 days, if you come less than 5 days, you don’t get it all. That’s ok, please let us help.

  3. The intensity of the workouts.  Because most people are interested in losing body fat as their primary goal, keeping the workouts to moderate-ish intensity ensures you can keep coming back. Consistency is the main driving force to be successful when wanting to lose body fat.  The next primary goal that most of us want to achieve is health and longevity. Managing inflammation plays a key role in having health and longevity. In order to manage that, I am strategic on how much volume and intensity the group is getting on a weekly basis.  If these aren’t your primary goals that’s ok, please let us help.

The program isn’t going to be perfect for every single person but it is highly effectively for most. What I hope is that you know a lot of time and effort goes into writing the program and I will always evolve through education and as the group changes.

Of course, if you need help, have questions, or just want to chat…please reach out!