Face The Fear And Do It Anyway

By: Coach Sammie

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and as I spent the day with family and friends, I thought about all that I was thankful for. Along with the obvious stuff, I also thought of a couple not so common things. I am thankful for every setback I’ve experienced and every fear that I’ve overcome. I realized in thinking about this that these two are actually the same. Whenever I have experienced a setback, the frustration that comes up is a result of fear. Fear of failing, fear of not getting back to where I was, fear of the difficulty of starting over. And every time I’ve worked through said setback, the fear goes away and I become more confident and resilient. Knowing that if I ever face a similar setback, I will be able to handle it, because I faced my fear the first time around. 

This is a very important tool to learn and fact to face. You will have setbacks, you will experience fear…. The only way to get through these is to face it head on and move forward.

This is true in every aspect of your life… personal, professional, as well as in your fitness journey. 

I encourage you to read this book: Face The Fear And Do It Anyway. By: Susan Jeffers.

This book was recommended to me a few years ago and it is a wonderfully written breakdown  explaining what causes fear, how to face it, and how to grow from it. 

If you aren’t the reading type :) here is a short summary that does a pretty good job explaining the main points. 

I hope you enjoy this. I hope you read the book. And I hope that you learn to face your fears.