Life Lesson While Walking My Dog


By: Coach Vince

Every morning I walk my dog. Every morning my dog goes #1 and #2. Every time he goes #2, I have to pick it up and dispose of it. The past few months have not been a very enjoyable experience…its dark, cold, early, and I have to pick up poop. Adding to this not totally enjoyable time is that the plastic bags I use to pick up his business are very cheaply made and I have a tough time ripping one bag that’s connected to the roll of bags without tearing the bag in half.  It’s a very frustrating process trying to tear the bag off of the roll and doing it in a fashion that doesn’t destroy it because of course I can’t pick up his business with a torn bag.  Most of you know that I enjoy fixing problems. So, my solutions were: if I dress warmer to brave the cold and get a flash light to help with the darkness it would make it an easier process…but this didn’t solve the issue of the bags tearing.  The final breakthrough happened last week when I had the thought of tearing the bag in the house where I’m warm, I can see, and I’m not rushed.  What an amazing breakthrough, it’s been dramatically more enjoyable of a process and I haven’t ripped a bag since doing this!!!  As I was reflecting back on this genius thought (haha it doesn’t take much to amuse myself), I couldn’t help but think that I had all of the right tools to get the job done all along but was just using them in the wrong order.

This got me thinking about how important the order in which you do things plays a big role in determining your success.  What areas of your life do you have all of the tools but might just need to switch the order in which you use them? Thinking about this question for myself got me thinking about what areas of my life would this apply?  I couldn’t help but reflect back on starting my morning miracle routine two years ago this month.  The miracle morning routine helped me put better order to my day by placing gratitude as the first thing I do every morning and what a dramatic difference it’s made in my life. 

Starting my morning with gratitude vs. being rushed changed how I thought about the day. It changed how I drove to the gym. It made it another opportunity to have gratitude time vs. being frustrated with traffic.  Having a good drive to the gym made it more enjoyable working. More enjoyable work made it easier to deal with problems when they popped up. Dealing with problems better, made coming home and relaxing better. Relaxing better when I got home, made it easier to sleep. Better sleep helped start the process all over again.  As I get closer to fatherhood and sleep becomes interrupted I hope that it just means I’ll have more time to be grateful!!!

What in your nutrition could you order differently to have success?

How could you order your schedule differently to be more consistent at the gym?

What could you order differently with your bed time routine to get a better night sleep?

Of course, I’m always happy to help and love hearing your success. If you ordered anything differently and had success, please let me know!!!