The Season Of Giving... To Yourself

By: Coach J

With Thanksgiving and Christmas in the near future, the season of ‘giving’ is upon us. We find ourselves giving thanks, giving presents, and giving time to gatherings. Giving brain power to meet year end work goals, giving car rides to kids for school and sporting events, and giving money to charity. 

Giving is great - it allows us to put others first and contribute back to the people and things that are important to us. The act of giving in it of itself feels good - until it doesn’t! 

This is the time of year that we have to make sure we give back to ourselves in the form of ‘self-care’. If we don’t, we’ll get bogged down, tired, sick, and probably not show up the way we want to for our friends and family.

I’m sure we’ve all be there….the end of December comes along and we are completely exhausted. We get cranky, short tempered, and literally just want to be alone…forever! If you’re sick of this happening and don’t want to turn into the Grinch come Christmas time, consider making it a priority to implement some ‘self-care’ into your daily routine over the next two months.

These things do not have to take a ton of time nor should they feel like a burden. If you make some time for giving back to yourself, you might be surprised with how much more you can give to others!

THIS ARTICLE by Ellen Bard has 45 Simple Self-Care Practices that you can start implementing today - check it out and let me know what you come up with.

Heres the URL to the linked article incase it doesn’t link on the website: