Express Your Admiration

By: Coach Murphy

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. They remind us of the wonder in the world and bring us closer with connections we may have lost. But in the following chaos with all the good we do during this time, we often forget to admire something very important in our lives that is with us every day of the year. 


Amongst what can sometimes be a detrimental experience floating along the Instagram, I happened across a post so beautiful and inspiring. It was not a picture of some scenic view in a far off country that has sunshine and beaches. Yes, it was a picture of someone. Not a half naked model or a the 6 pack ab guy mid bicep curl all greased up. It was a young lady posting a selfie, but that wasn’t the beauty in the post. Her caption was what hit me hard.

We spend so much time empowering those around us, supporting our friends and family. Encouraging and complimenting them to achieve what we believe they can. Often times even giving more praise to complete strangers. The question was raised, how often are we doing these things for ourselves?

When looking in the mirror, do you look for what you want to change? Are the words coming to mind negative in context and slowly breaking yourself down? I know mine more often then not are! It isn’t about self pity, and sure we can be hard on ourselves to strive for constant improvement, but that can’t be how we talk to ourselves constantly. 

The young lady proposed that each day, everyone spend a single moment each day in front of the mirror and love our body. But it doesn’t have to be just that. Spend a single moment being kind to yourself each day. 

Did you complete a big project or task? Great job.

Went out to eat and stuck to your eating plan? Way to crush it.

Got to the gym one more time this week than last? Keep that up.

Celebrate the good you do each day. I still strive to do it in front of the mirror, because then I am face to face with the individual I want to compliment. Find the power that I am sure your friends and family believe you have inside and show it to the person who needs to see it most – YOU.