What Are Your 2018 Accomplishments?

Ok so this is more of a homework assignment for you to complete…. 

I want to know what your 2018 accomplishments are. What are you proud of that you accomplished this year? Personally, Professionally, Fitness Related?? Spend some time on this. Look back on the past 12 months and really think about it. I’m sure there are a few that pop into your mind right away, but I want to know about the small ones too, the ones you’ve already forgotten about. So really think about it. Create a “2018 accomplishments” note on your phone or computer and start listing them. Take the weekend and continue to add to the list. Doesn’t matter how small it may seem, if it mattered to you for even a moment… write it down….. and then SEND IT TO ME! sammie@crossfitreviver.com. I’m serious… I want my inbox flooded with emails, I want to hear all your accomplishments!

Here are some of mine:

  1. Bought our first home!

  2. Growing a human :)

  3. Got certified in Precision Nutrition

  4. Became an Aunt <3

  5. Hiked a real mountain in Canada (while unknowingly pregnant I might add)

  6. Found a home church that I LOVE

  7. Moved my dad into his new forever home where he is safe and cared for

  8. Learned several new recipes and actually made the dishes successfully

  9. Traveled to TWO places I’ve never been! (Hawaii and Vancouver)

  10. Became a redhead

  11. Got ordained and officiated a wedding for a dear friend.

  12. Learned a new appreciation for women who exercise while pregnant (cuz it ain’t easy)

Some of these are pretty big accomplishments (its takes a lot of energy to grow a human… as I’m still learning). Others are small and may seem insignificant (like dying my hair red) but at the time, even for just a moment, that decision affected my life in a positive way. 

As you are writing down your accomplishments, big and small, pay attention to how it makes you feel. Hold onto the happy memories it brings back, the flood of positive energy, the surge of confidence and pride.

This life is full of ups and downs. If we are not mindful and reflective, we tend to only focus on the “downs” which can leave us feeling depleted, self-conscious, and depressed. Make time in your day to celebrate the “ups”, regardless of how small they are.


And hopefully this little homework project will add some happiness to your days as you close out 2018.

I hope everyone has a joyful and magical Christmas/New Years.

<3 Coach Sammie