Growing My Beliefs

By: Coach Vince

Our beliefs shape who we are and what we do. It’s no wonder that when our beliefs get questioned, we get defensive. Defensive for most of us means: defend at all cost. Ignoring any new information about our beliefs. 

Like a mother sticking up for her child at all cost, even if the child is in the wrong. 

- If she doesn’t stick up for her child, does she even “love” them? 

- What does the child learn about their actions and what love is? 

As you know, sometimes the child (aka our beliefs) are wrong. Improving the belief is much more impactful than just ignoring it. 

This happens from a growth mindset

You funnel all of your beliefs and actions through asking the questions: HAS IT, IS IT, or WILL IT improve my quality of life? 

In my experience, asking myself these questions daily about my beliefs and actions has made a dramatic improvement on my quality of life. I still love my child (aka my beliefs) but its more important to me to learn from them and improve them, than it is to just defend them at all cost.

What beliefs do you need to improve?

What beliefs do you need to stop defending at all cost?