Use 'Modeling' To Achieve Success

By: Coach J

Problem solving is a very important skill to learn and one that if mastered, could have a profound effect on the quality of your life. Let’s face it, we all are challenged with problems and obstacles on a daily basis. The quicker we solve said problems and continue on our happy way, the better things are.

For the remainder of this blog, think of problems as anything that you want but don’t have (career, money, relationships, etc). I’m going to be using health and fitness examples but this idea can be utilized in any area of your life.

The idea I’m speaking of, is ‘Modeling’. It’s the notion that humans have been around long enough that no matter what your problem is, someone else has most likely figured out a way to solve it - you just need to tap into what they did in order to achieve success.

In the fitness world, two of the most common problems people have are; 1) they don’t have the body they desire and 2) their body cannot do what they desire it to do.

So if you’re currently facing one of these problems (or any problem for that matter), I would challenge you to find someone else who has already succeeded in a way you desire and start asking questions. This ‘person’ does not have to be someone you know, although it could be. You can learn by reading books, watching videos, and seeking out professionals.

In the realm of health and fitness, we must remember that all of us have unique traits and characteristics that may inhibit our ability to achieve something. In other words, what worked for one person won’t always work for you. But doesn’t that negate exactly the premise of this blog? No it does not, rather we need to make sure we get ALL the information when questioning our fellow high-fliers.

For example; if your problem is that you want to lose body fat and become a leaner person, you’d be benefited by finding someone else who has already solved that problem and begin mimicking them. However, in order to save yourself from bashing your head into the wall down the road, you should do your homework on this person. The goal would be to find someone who is similar to you, not a complete opposite. If you’re a 35 year old male looking to drop 30 lbs who works in a high stress job with travel and doesn’t have more than 60mins to workout daily > don’t try to mimic the 20 year old college chick who’s blasted all over Instagram that she lost 50lbs by exercising 3 hours per day and ‘juicing’.

The other great thing about finding people who have succeeded in what you want, is you get to better understand if the juice is worth the squeeze. About five years ago I had my hopes set on qualifying for the CrossFit Regionals. The small problem with this was that I wasn’t willing to work hard enough in and outside of the gym to achieve it. The bigger problem though, was that I didn’t know it. I was stuck rattling my brain and always being disappointed, thinking, “Why can’t I compete with these guys? > I’m working just as hard as they are > They must just have abilities that I don’t.” I thought I was doing everything needed to have success, yet always falling short. I’m sure you’ve been there before, its not a good feeling.

It was not until I began reading articles and watching ‘Day in the life’ videos of some of the competitors that I realized what it REALLY took to get on that level. And at that point, I was able to decide very easily that I was not willing to put that much time and effort into my training and recovery. I had other things in my life that were more important that I didn’t want to neglect. So rather than being disappointed that my ‘dreams’ had been shattered, I was relieved that my expectations for myself were more in line with reality.

I’ll close by asking you a couple questions to think about:

  1. What have you been struggling to achieve that you really want?

  2. What resources could you seek out to find solutions / action steps that have worked for others?

  3. If you’ve wanted something for a long time and still don’t have it, could it be that you’re really not willing to do what it takes to have success?