Athlete of the Month, April 2013


1. Name, age, occupation, city? Paul Terbrack, 30, Para-pro for the Autism program, part time firefighter for the city of Rochester Hills.

2. Start date at CrossFit Reviver? From the beginning.

3. Athletic background? I played ice hockey, football and baseball.

4. Favorite and least favorite WOD / movement? Favorite movement: Heavy deadlifts and push ups. Least Favorite movement: 1rm snatches. Favorite WOD: MURPH.

5. Greatest accomplishment? Becoming a firefighter and getting my first muscle up (if you want to see something great just watch the video).

6. Has CFR made you better? If so, how? CFR has taught me big ain't strong, STRONG IS STRONG!

7. What are your hobbies? Hanging out with friends and family.

8. Top 5 favorite movies? Backdraft, 300, Departed, Planes Trains and Automobiles and Princess Bride (Also Auntie J favorite).

9. What is one thing we don’t know about you? Before there was a CFR. There was sketchy Crossfit. This goes out to all the ORIGINAL members aka The Circus. You know who you are. THANK YOU for helping CFR come to life.

10. What are your goals in life? And/or at CFR? To encourage and build up the CFR EMPIRE.