Athlete of the Month, April 2015

olivia aom.jpg

Name, age, occupation, city? Liv Aramendi, 24, Laboratory Services, Pontiac

Start date at CrossFit Reviver? October 2013

Athletic background? Heh, does P90X count? So before Reviver, I had never been seen as an athlete. I’ve become more and more active ever since becoming pre-diabetic when I was 220lbs in 6th grade. I started walking which was replaced by volleyball in high school. Then I attempted weight lifting and running on my own in college (oh and pick-up volleyball). So yeah, that’s my ‘athletic’ background.

Favorite and least favorite WOD / movement? That’s a hard question to answer because the movements that are the most difficult for me are gonna make me the best, so how can they be my least favorite? (although credit to the erg as its the only piece of equipment that has made me think I was gonna throw up). So on a scale of 1 to struggle bus, I’d say I have the hardest time with pull-ups, dips, and handstand push-ups. My strengths are probably wall balls, rowing, and burpees (yup I said it, I don’t have a hate-hate relationship with burpees).

Greatest accomplishment? Personal, professional and fitness related? Personally, I would have to say graduating magna cum laude in chemistry despite a horrid case of mono my senior year. I don’t remember much, but I’m told I passed. Professionally, it was when my current supervisor told me I was his right hand in keeping things up and running. Fitness-wise, it’s the fact that I’ve taken control of my health and possibly saved my own life.

Has CFR made you better? If so, how? Vince and J have patiently, expertly given me the tools to move well and push myself harder than I ever have and this community has created a welcome environment for me to work hard and leave sweaty Murph angels on the floor. I’m surpassing goals I never thought I would reach and for the first time I’m proud of what my body can do.

What are your hobbies? Reading, movies, biking, volleyball, frisbies, cooking, sleeping.

Top 5 favorite TV movies? Jaws, Life Is Beautiful, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Boondock Saints, Temple Grandin.

What is one thing we don’t know about you? I chose to be a Bachelor of Arts instead of Science just so I could say that I’m a certified BA.

What are your goals in life? Personal, professional and fitness related? Personal/Professional: I want to find my passion in life and make money doing it. I’m still in the process of figuring out the What and the How on that. If you have any ideas, lemme know. Fitness: I have so many, but they pretty much boil down to thriving for a hundred years and being more powerful pound for pound than the people around me.