Athlete of the Month, August 2015


Name, age, occupation, city? Whitni Jones “Queen B”, 37, Accounting Admin Assistant with Aleva Stores, Rochester Hills

Start date at CrossFit Reviver? May 2013

Athletic background? Let’s see…T-Ball when I was 5, Swimming in Middle School, Tennis in 10th grade, multiple “get-fit” schemes, and then the competitive sitting on my butt and stuffing my face until I started CrossFit.

Favorite and least favorite WOD / movement? Favorite: Do you even have to ask? DEADLIFTS! And Rowing, and I’m starting to like Cleans and Split Jerks. Least Favorite: Umm…it used to be Burpees, but now I’d have to say Wall Balls, Running and Jump Rope…we just don’t get along.

Greatest accomplishment? Personal, professional and fitness related? Personal: The life I have created with my husband Pete. It’s full of laughter and love and respect, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Professional: Finishing my Bachelors in Accounting while working full time. Fitness: Finally getting it under control, without focusing on the numbers. It’s the first time in 20 years that I feel like I have my demons shackled and that fitness and health is the priority – NOT the number on the scale.

Has CFR made you better? If so, how? An emphatic YES!  Those that know me, may realize I am a bit of a Type A personality. So it’s always been hard for me to “fail”, or what I perceive as fail. In the past I would generally avoid anything that I would not have been able to succeed at immediately. Since joining CFR, I have participated in two Open Competitions. The first one came about 6-8 months of me joining, when I was at my most frustrated in my training. I came in complete dead last (actually same as the second) – however I learned a valuable lesson, well actually 2. I really am only competing with myself, and with a beautifully supportive community behind me, I can attempt anything with pride! CFR has given this to me, this ability to be proud of myself, even when I cannot complete another Pull Up, or fail at getting 35# over my head in a Snatch. Why? Because at some point I will be able to do what I wasn’t able to do previously, and a large part of that will be because of the coaching and the friends within the community. What more could I ask for?

What are your hobbies? NERD ALERT! I adore reading (I spend most of my work day either listening to books or podcasts), Knitting, watching Netflix and attending Beer Festivals.

Top 5 favorite TV movies? Gone With Then Wind, Steel Magnolias, Anything John Hughes, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Goodfellas

What is one thing we don’t know about you? I spent about 10 months training with a grassroots Roller Derby Team that was just starting in Evansville, IN…I wasn’t very good, and absolutely terrified of falling and breaking something…I tried.

What are your goals in life? Personal, professional and fitness related? Personal: To finally get my honeymoon to England with my husband and to challenge myself to start writing again. Professional: To work on keeping better balance between my professional and work life. Fitness: To continue to get better at CrossFit and keeping my health a priority…and finally getting that elusive handstand….