Athlete of the Month, December 2016


Laura Dyszynski, 30, E-Commerce Team Lead, Creative + Content, Rochester Hills.

What is your athletic background? Soccer and track throughout middle and high school. 100% running. Ironic, yeah? Skipped 10 years and wound up at CrossFit.

What is your favorite and least favorite WOD / movement? Favorite: Olympic Lifting, be still my heart. Least: All things cardio (revisit above irony). Also Inch Worms.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Personal, professional and fitness related.  “If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” -Coco Chanel

Has CFR made you better? If yes, how so? Total couch-potato to whole new lifestyle. Didn’t know where to start, so I just did. In the last nearly two years, I have learned countless movements, fell hard for the barbell, currently working through nutrition coaching, and am filled with a passion and drive that I had been missing for a decade. Thankful for the support and community at CFR, without that.. Safe to say I would be sleeping through my usual early morning class.

What are your hobbies? Re-connecting with photography as art vs. a profession. I call this: Life After Wedding Photography. I enjoy learning. Borderline obsessed with several animals. I have camped in a great many places. Lots of video games. All things Mid-century Modern, Scandinavian, weird tattoos, and the desert.

What are your Top 5 favorite movies? Goodfellas, everything Hayao Miyazaki, Sabrina (1954), Fantastic Mr. Fox, and The Great Dictator.

What is one thing we don’t know about you? Once upon a time I played drums in a punk rock band.

What are your goals in life? Personal, professional and fitness related. Personal: To hug a sloth. Professional: To mix business and creative while maintaining happiness.  Fitness: Be in a better place physically and mentally in my thirties than my twenties.