Athlete of the Month, January 2018


Michael Zawisa, 48, Engineer, Rochester Hills

When did you start at Crossfit Reviver: 08/01/2016

What is your athletic background: High school football and that’s about it.

What is your favorite and least favorite WOD / movement: Favorite movement is clean and least favorite movement is Assault bike.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Personal, professional and fitness related: My greatest personal accomplishment is being a father to my 15yr old Megan. Professionally is being awarded 10 patents in the area of electric and fuel cell propulsion for cars. Fitness is between finishing 2nd 1/2 marathon in under 2 hours (barely) and hitting a 405 lb deadlift.

Has CFR made you better? If yes, how so: Yes, definitely. I have identified the weaknesses that may have caused injuries and know how to work to correct them.

What are your hobbies: Playing guitar and of course Crossfit.

What are your Top 5 favorite movies: The first 3 Star Wars, Dazed and Confused, Full Metal Jacket

What is one thing we don’t know about you: I am awesome.

What are your goals in life? Personal, professional and fitness related: Personal is to continue to expand my network of friends in Michaigan. Professionally is to see Fuel Cell vehicles in mass production. Fitness is to continue to get stronger but would also like a 225 lb power clean.