Athlete of the Month, June 2015


Name, age, occupation, city? Ben Wright (Jammin’), entering the prime of my athletic career – 28, The Hills of Rochester

Start date at CrossFit Reviver?  April of 2013

Athletic background? In my head, a very successful dominant athlete. On paper and in all reality, a very mediocre baseball and golfer. I did at one point hold one of the lowest career ERA’s for pitchers at Lake Orion High School, that only stood for about 2 years.

Favorite and least favorite WOD / movement? In all honesty, I enjoy all of the movements due to challenging me in different ways. If I had to pick, Deadlift, just because it’s the one I can like the most weight. Least, anything that causes me to have to cough the next day.

Greatest accomplishment? Personal, professional and fitness related? Personal: Marrying my high school sweetheart and starting a family together. The most enjoyable part of my life is them, definitely the best accomplishment for me personally thus far. Professional: Becoming a successful System Consultant – selling something very fancy and unique…toilet paper and facility supplies. It's what I dreamed about as a young boy.  Fitness: Being able to complete all of the Open prescribed, living that “Mob-Mart Rx Life.” Sincerely being in the best shape of my life and learning how to create healthy habits for the rest of my life, both in the gym and through nutrition to be a fun and active Dad!

Has CFR made you better? If so, how? CFR and the community that makes CFR has most certainly made me better, in many different ways. The biggest impact I would say is having a place to go and enjoy myself through working out and a place that I have now developed close friendships to battle the daily stresses of work and life. It has allowed me to clear my mind to ultimately become a better professional, but most importantly family man by not taking those stresses home.

What are your hobbies? Really anything sports related!  Not many hobbies that are unique or “cool”.

Top 5 favorite TV movies? Not a big movie guy, not one to sit still very long without getting bored.

What is one thing we don’t know about you? Hmmm….pretty much an open book.  I have a tattoo on my left shoulder blade, that’s about it.

What are your goals in life? Personal, professional and fitness related? My goal professionally is to become an impactful leader to help those around me become as successful as possible in their careers but also personally. My personal goal and mission is to enjoy each moment my family and I have together, being extremely involved with their lives making sure I leave a strong legacy for my future grandkids that is focused around faith and relationships. My fitness goal is to avoid “Dad Bod” for as long as possible, although, I may not even be succeeding at that today…