Athlete of the Month, October 2017


Valerie Villerot, 28, Registered Nurse (ICU), Royal Oak

When did you start at Crossfit Reviver:  08/01/2012

What is your athletic background: High school sports mostly. Volleyball, basketball, softball.

What is your favorite and least favorite WOD / movement: Favorite movement: The power clean. Least favorite: Those Airdyne bikes. They are the devil’s toys. Don’t be surprised if they go missing one day.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Personal, professional and fitness related:  Personal: Supporting my husband through Med School and now in his Residency. I know he has done most of the hard work in this, but it’s really taught me a lot of patience and understanding. Professional: Working as a bedside nurse in the Surgical ICU at a level 1 Trauma Hospital is something I really enjoy and I’m really proud of. It’s always very challenging and I’m continually learning new things everyday. It’s hard to see people at their worst moments in life, but when you can be a part of doing something good for them it makes it worth it. Fitness related: Before our wedding 4 years ago, I did a 10 lbs weighted pull-up and I’ve never been able to do it again. I think that special moment of power was from all the frustration that goes into planning a wedding.

Has CFR made you better? If yes, how so:  CFR has already and continues to make me better everyday. I love coming to class and I’m motivated to come to class because of the great people and workouts that challenge me to be better. I’ve learned a lot about thinking of fitness as a whole picture based on my sleep/stress/nutrition levels rather than just coming to the gym and going balls to the wall to make up for the crappy foods I’ve eaten.

What are your hobbies:  Petting our dogs, taking our dogs for walks, taking pictures of our dogs, showing people pictures of our dogs, telling our dogs I love them over and over. Things like that mostly.

What are your Top 5 favorite movies:  Both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, both Pitch Perfect movies, About Time, and Mean Girls. Sorry that’s six.

What is one thing we don’t know about you:  I have a mild allergy to dogs and it’s so shameful. I take Zyrtec everyday to suppress it and live a beautiful life with dogs in it.

What are your goals in life? Personal, professional and fitness related:  Personal: Get my husband through residency and start a family with human children and not just my dog children. Professional: I like where I’m at professionally so I’d really just like to continue to challenge myself to always learn more and keep up with current research and best practices. Fitness related: I’ve never been a runner, but I signed up for the Detroit Free Press half-marathon this October with a friend and as a new challenge for myself. I’ve been training and learning to love running just a little bit, so my goal is just to continue to train diligently and be able to finish this race and not die at the end 🙂