Logging Workouts on ZenPlanner

By: Coach Sammie

Hey gang! If you haven’t heard already, we are now posting all workouts to Zen Planner. This is awesome for you for several reasons:

  1. Log daily workout results (quick and easy)
  2. History of all previous workouts (look back on old workouts to see progress)
  3. Recorded Benchmarks (keep up with PR’s by recording benchmark movements)
  4. Availability to see other members results (compare scores with others outside of your class)
  5. Data for CFR programming (we are able to track progress for all members and will be better able to program accordingly)

While we are still working out some kink with figuring out the best way to post workouts, we urge you to play around with the app and start logging your results. Let us know your thoughts!

  1. Is it easy to log results?
  2. Are you able to find old workout and results?
  3. Are the workouts posted in a way that makes sense?

The workouts posted will look slightly different than they do on the website due to how they are organized on Zen Planner. If this causes any confusion please let us know. We are still going to be posting workouts on the website for now until all kinks are worked out.

I have attached pictures below to help walk you through where to find the workouts and how to log results. As always, any questions and feedback you may have are welcomed!

  • Pic 1: Open Zen Planner app and click on Z in top left corner of screen
  • Pic 2: Click on “Workouts” tab
  • Pic 3: Click on “+ Log Results” for each part of workout
  • Pic 4: Enter in results (lbs, time, score, etc) and click “Save” when complete
  • Pic 5: Daily Workout will show results once saved
  • Pic 6: Click on “Library” tab to search for previous results and benchmarks.