3 Ways to Break Your Plateau

By: Coach Vince

The dreaded plateau…a seemingly unavoidable part of each person’s fitness journey. Here are three tips to help you break through!

1. Track, track, track

Start with something small, like tracking your workout everyday. How many reps did you do, how many sets, how much weight, how fast was your time? There are a lot of movements we do on a consistent basis, try tracking your progress in each one of those movements.

If you want to take things to the next level – track your nutrition. Nutrition plays a huge role in your progress at the gym. It could be as simple as writing down whatever you eat or as complex as tracking every macronutrient in an app like MyFitnessPal.

Track your small steps in order to reach your BIG goal. What are the steps necessary to achieving your goal? Break down your goal into small steps and track your progress by checking off each of those steps as you get closer to reaching your ultimate goal.

2. Stop letting your weekends derail your weekday efforts

So many people kick butt all week long only to ruin their efforts with a weekend spent doing things they wish they wouldn’t have. Plan some physical activity on Saturday and/or Sunday to keep you on track. Make sure you meal prep enough food to account for the weekend as well.

3. Get an accountabili-buddy!

Tell your Coach, friend, co-worker or family member about what your goals are. Having accountability to someone other than yourself will help keep you on track. You should set up periodic conversations with this person to talk specifically about your goals and what you are doing to achieve them.