3 Ways to Maximize Success

By: Coach Vince

Three Ways to Limit Success

  1. Whine
  2. Complain
  3. Make excuses.

Three Ways to Maximize Success

  1. Change your thinking.
  2. Do the easy things.
  3. Have a “why.”

Change your thinking

When dealing with a goal you have two options to focus on: the things that are negative or the things that are positive. Example goal, lose 10# in 2 months.  Negative: I won’t be able to eat whatever I want, I can’t have ________ (fill in your sugary food/drink), tracking my food is hard, etc.

Positive:  I will be more confident when I lose some weight, eating healthier foods will make me feel better, losing some weight will make it easier to do body weight exercises at the gym.

Do the easy things

Most people make a goal a more complex problem then it really is.  When dealing with a goal there will be things that you can and can’t do.  Focusing on the things you can’t do limits you starting and ultimately achieving your goal. Focusing on the things you can do allows you to start and slowly build the necessary habits needed to achieve your goal.  Example goal, lose 10# in 2 months.  I can’t: get rid of drinking soda every day, count my macros, and/or stick with a plan. I can: drink more water, write my food down, and/or exercise 5 days a week.

Have a “Why”

A lot of people pick goals without knowing “why” they are doing it.  Knowing your “why”, especially if it is a “why” that means a lot to you, increases your likelihood to achieve that goal. Achieving a goal is a great accomplishment but with that will come obstacles.  If your “why” is weak, you will most likely succumb to the obstacles, but if your “why” is strong then there is only one path…ACHIEVING YOUR GOAL!  Example goal, lose 10# in 2 months. Weak “why”: I saw someone else lose 10# on social media and thought it was a good idea, my significant other wants me to lose some weight, I think it would be cool.  Strong “why”: my health depends on it, it will allow me to play longer with my kids, it will improve my confidence which will help me with a job promotion.

Attack your next goal with these 3 ideas in mind and MAXIMIZE your chance at success!