6 Easy Steps to Stay Fit

By: Coach Sara

We can be doing great, making it to the gym everyday that we’ve planned, and then life falls apart and health takes a dive.

Taking college classes, working three jobs and including exercise in my life was difficult – who am I kidding? It was exhausting. Fitness was so important in my life but I struggled, like so many other people, with how to fit it into my daily grind. On days that I missed the gym because I had to study for an exam, I just felt like a total bum. 

I figured I had two options; dwell on it or be proactive!  I would like to share 6 ways I learned to stay on track and make fitness my lifestyle.

1. Set Goals

What is the purpose of fitness for you? Do you want to lose 10 lbs?  Become a triathlete?  Compete? These are a few LONG term goals.  In order to reach these goals, we need to set some small ACHIEVABLE goals.  These can vary anywhere from going for a 20 minute walk everyday, increasing weight in your lifts, adding another half mile to your runs, or just making sure you get to the gym that week.

2. Plan plan plan!

Get that calendar out! Figure out the best time in your schedule to get yourself working out.  Write it down in your calendar and make it a priority!  Schedule it like you would a business meeting.  If you don’t make exercise a priority you will lose sight of your goal.

3. Keep Track of those Gains

How are you going to know if you’ve made progress if you don’t keep track of what weight you lifted the last time you squatted?  Always go back to the physical assessment and check if you’re improving.  Don’t make this a scary process! How are you going to know where you’re at if you don’t test yourself?  Keep a journal of your workouts every week and use it during workouts to give yourself an idea of what weight to lift that day.

4. Have a Workout for the Days You Can’t Attend Class

You had to stay late at work… The kids got sick… Can’t miss that last episode of the Bachelorette??  Fine. 

Time to get a backup plan.  Let’s get ideas rolling for those days you just can’t make it to the gym.  Go for a bike ride, take the kids out for a long hike, run the dog….whatever gets you moving. Get that heart rate up for at LEAST 30 minutes. 

5. Find an Accountability Partner (AKA Workout Buddy)

What better way to get your best friend to the gym?!  You’ll get a great sweat on while spending some time with your partner or friend.  Tell them about your progress and your goals.  They will be there to motivate you and keep you accountable for your goals while you can help them be accountable for theirs.

6. Get Inspired

Find someone that motivates you to become a better you.  My aunt lives in a neighborhood with people who are triathletes, ironman competitors, and just plain fitness enthusiasts.  She uses their progress to get her back in the gym.  They constantly talk about what new fitness program or nutrition plan they’re on, which jogs her mind on what fitness plans she has for herself.  Surrounding yourself with people that inspire you will only encourage you to work your hardest and stay committed.

I use my time in the gym to reflect on my physical abilities and work on myself without worrying about any other stressors. Exercise shouldn’t seem like a hassle or something that takes up your whole day.  You should look forward to your hour of fun. 

Whether you make it to the gym or not, make fitness your lifestyle!