Attention: We're Getting Out of the Exercise Business

After 5 years of owning the gym we have decided to get out of the exercise business…. And instead invest all of our resources in the business of YOU!

We started this business selling an exercise program. All you had to do was follow the exercise program and you would achieve any and all of your goals. (Hah!) As we become more educated and learn more about YOU, we realize that we would be selling YOU short if we lead you to believe that achieving your goals can come from just exercising alone. We’ve always known that it takes more than just exercising 3-5x a week to lose fat, get stronger, and see results but we believed that we were only in charge of you for the one hour you were in the gym.

Our philosophy is different now. Our new goal is to continue to educate YOU on how much nutrition, stress management, sleep, and hydration play into achieving your goals. Exercising is just the cherry on top of a well balanced health pyramid. We want to fill you with knowledge about all of these crucial areas so that when you are outside these walls, YOU can make the best decision possible based on your goals.

In order to get you on the YOU program, we need your help. We need you to turn your “should” into “must”. At the beginning of the day, if you’re anything like me, you start off with a “to do list” and finish the day with a bunch of things not checked off that list. Recently, I have been asking myself why some things on my list get checked off regularly and others don’t. I watched a Tony Robbins video on raising your standards and everything made sense.

My list was full of things I “should” do and things I “must” do. Naturally, the things that were “must” do would get done and the things I “should” do remained on the list. This got me thinking about YOU and how many times we’ve heard, “I know I should eat better, be less stressed out, sleep more, and drink more water”.

The moment you stop “shoulding” all over yourself and turn these things into “must” is when YOU get your desired results. Once you are on board with making nutrition, stress management, sleep, and hydration a “must” – then we can get started on our end of the program. We are no longer ok with feeling like we can’t help YOU during your 23 hours outside of the gym. We are no longer ok with telling YOU that you “should” do these things, now YOU “must” do these things. We will continue to educate ourselves so we can pass the information to YOU so you can continue to make the best decisions possible in and out of the gym. This information will be shared in class, via email, YouTube videos and blog updates to keep YOU up to date.

Here is the new program laid out very simply:

  1. YOU eat better, manage your stress, get more sleep, and drink plenty of water.
  2. We continue to learn more about these topics to educate YOU and help YOU achieve your goals.

The exercising program only works if YOU are doing these things.

Which is exactly why we want out of the exercise business! There are too many lies out there, saying that you just need to workout more, or harder, or feel like you got hit by a train, to get results.

The only way YOU will get results from your exercise program is if your nutrition, stress, sleep, and hydration are a “MUST” to YOU and that’s why we are now in the YOU business!!!