Find Your Purpose

By: Coach J


Do you ever stop and think about WHY you do what you do?  Do you have reasons for the things you spend your time doing?  If you haven’t had these ‘heart to heart’ convos with yourself I highly suggest that you do – SOON!

You see, when we grind through our lives day by day neglecting to realize why we’re doing what we’re doing, we tend to live a very unfulfilled life.  However, when you have a purpose bigger than yourself driving your actions you then experience true fulfillment.

Example: I fell in love with CrossFit originally because it was fun and it was a way for me to feel athletic and competitive after my days playing sports were over.  I would spend nearly every waking hour thinking about my workouts.  I was driven by the thought of setting new PR’s and beating my friends in workouts.  At the end of the day, I was doing it for my OWN success.  There was no ‘bigger’ reason, it was simply for me.  At the time, I thought I was happy and content with what I was doing – but there was no PURPOSE.

I didn’t realize my purpose until I began coaching CrossFit classes.  I remember the first class I coached like it was yesterday – I was able to take my knowledge and passion and share it with others in a way that allowed THEM, not me, to set new records.  That feeling far surpassed the feeling of setting my own PR’s.  After that first class I called Vince and told him that we are going to open our own gym and spend our days helping/coaching others.

You see, when you have a purpose for what you do it gives your life true meaning.  It is no longer just about you, its about changing the world for others.  Deep down I truly believe we ALL have a purpose way bigger than ourselves – for me, its helping others live better lives through fitness.  For you it might be educating our youth to become contributing adults, or keeping our communities safe, or providing for your family – the list goes on.  If you know your purpose, but are unable to fulfill it in your current situation – I highly recommend changing your situation!

Ask yourself these seven questions and see what you come up with.

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