Coach "DP"

By: Coach DP

So I can’t come over for dinner?

That’s cool, I get it.  I’m the new coach on the floor.  I have a different way of coaching, a different taste in music, and a handful of overused jokes.

But now begins the start of a journey we are embarking on. I forgot your nickname, I asked you to push harder than you were ready to, I didn’t know that going overhead is a little tougher for you…

Be patient with me.

I need to get to know you, and you me. That’s our journey. Through movement and sweat; we build a relationship. I learn what makes you go, what pisses you off, what sense of humor you have and if you like working out to boy bands, house music or 80’s rock. Country isn’t an option. Sorry

I get to make this a safe place for you to be loose, or to let off some steam, or to make the ugly squat face when lifting more than you ever have. Be patient, we’ll get to where we need to go.

First things first, I’m not here to just go over the whiteboard, tell you everything you’re doing is great, or be your cheer squad during workouts. I’m here to teach, motivate, inspire, and hopefully entertain. Movement is a passion of mine, and coaching movement brings joy to my life. Every single one of you is an athlete, and will be treated that way. We will go over strategy, scale correctly, and push when we are able to push. I believe in every one of yours potential, and will invest as much of my time and energy as I can to help you move and feel better.

My requests for you are few; please show up ready to engage and contribute. Coming in “checked out” or just wanting to sweat is for spin classes. I ask that you come ready to learn, to become more efficient, to build an engine, and to add skills to your quiver.

I can promise you, but will not apologize for the fact that there will be times I bore you with a small lecture on efficiency, or body position, or why crunchy peanut butter is superior to creamy. That I will push you and treat you like an athlete. That I will crack a bad joke. Not sorry. I think I’m hilarious.

I come in here to coach, at the end of my own 11 hour day, because I love it. I love seeing progress. I love teaching movement. I love putting an athlete in a position to succeed and them seizing it. I love building the relationships that are built within these gym walls, because they are different than any you will make outside of them.

So yeah, I can’t come over for dinner or borrow your car yet, but let’s start with me getting control of the tunes and go from there.