Commit to Fitness

By: Coach Sammie

What is it that hinders the average person from staying committed to their fitness long-term?  Do they get bored too easily?  Is it too expensive?  Too time-consuming?  There are endless excuses on why people say they “cant” or “won’t” stick with the healthy goals they set.

The American culture has become an over-stressed, over-worked, no time, no patience type of society.  To take time out of each day to exercise and prepare healthy meals seems literally impossible!  Yet there are so many people out there that do it.  And these crazy people somehow seem to be less stressed, more efficient at their jobs, spend more time with their families, and have stupid grins on their faces all the time…. WHAT THE HECK!  How do they do it?  Did they magically find a way to add more hours to their day????


They implement a few small strategies that when done every day, strengthen their commitment to fitness and health.

If you are struggling with your commitment to your health, follow these steps:

  1. Make Fitness a Priority – Put importance on your time in the gym and in the kitchen making healthy meals. Realize that you only have ONE body.. If you don’t take care of it, where else are you going to live?
  2. Set a Schedule – This goes along with making your health a priority. Schedule your workouts, they are just as important as an appointment.  Plan time for meal prep including grocery shopping and cooking.  Healthy recipes are just a click away thanks to sites like Pinterest.  A few hours on a Sunday can set you up with meals for the ENTIRE WEEK!
  3. Create Long-Term Goals and achieve them through Short-Term Goals – Big goals are wonderful, but if you have no idea how to get there, it can seem impossible. Set short, realistic goals every week.  This done every week will lead you on the path to achieving those big long-term goals. When goals are achieved… Create New Ones!
  4. Believe in Yourself – If you think you will fail, odds are you are right. If you truly believe you can make a change, your commitment will be stronger, and you will be successful.  The mind controls the body.  Get your mind right by staying motivated, dedicated, and believing that you can accomplish every goal you set.
  5. Celebrate Your Health – Deciding to make a healthy lifestyle change is the absolute BEST thing you can do for yourself. Don’t look at it as a punishment.  Every time you exercise you are getting stronger, fitter.  Every time you eat a healthy meal you are fueling your body with rich nutrients, you are helping to fight disease and aging, you are literally saving your own life!  Celebrate your accomplishments.  Celebrate your body.  Celebrate your health.