Failure is the Key to Success

By: Coach Sara

I think we can all agree that everyone dislikes the thought of failing.  But why is there such a stigma with failure?  Failure is the key to success!  I know that when I attempt something new, something foreign to me, I am probably going to fail at first.  It is because of that failure that I learn what went wrong and how to correct it.  That experience is engrained in me and I can use it to learn how to succeed in my next attempt.  My lack of success is the building block to my learning.  I could tell you countless time that I have performed poorly but that only gave me the will to work even harder.

It is a waste of time to sulk over difficulties in your life.  Be persistent in your dreams and goals.  Don’t allow mishaps and failures to detour you from your end goal.

We have fails everyday but it is important to take these experiences in stride and use them to better ourselves.  I failed once, failed again, and failed again trying to kip my pull up.  But I kept on working on it, and I learned from each mistake I made.  I enjoyed each failure and it powered my drive to succeed.  Use your failing experiences at work, in the gym, or in life to fuel to your successes.

Your failures will only make the successions that much sweeter.

Take a look at this Ted Talk: Failure Is Part of Success by Eduardo Zanatta.