Find Your Comfort Zone, Then Leave It

By: Coach Sammie

The other day I was reading a blog from a woman that I admire greatly, Heather Bergeron. I randomly came across her Instagram a while back through following her husband, Ben Bergeron, who is a well-known CrossFit coach. I looked up her website and found out she writes a blog everyday, and I mean every-day. She is a hard-working mother of 4 who speaks on everything from nutrition to fitness to homework battles with her kids. She wrote a blog the other week titled “Impressions” and it really stuck with me. It is a story about how easy it is to get stuck in our routines. And while these routines can have positive affects like consistency, accountability, and comfort… they also can restrict us greatly. There is a certain comfort in being stuck. Sticking with what you know and who you know. But in doing so we shut ourselves off from so much; from going on adventures, learning about ourselves, experiencing new things, meeting new people, building new relationships.  

Do you remember how scary it was to join CFR? That first day walking into a random warehouse and sitting down with some super fit dude (or both of them like I did… not intimidating at all) and have him ask you a bunch of questions. Do you remember that first on-ramp class? I think I almost puked in the parking lot before it started because I was so nervous. And then after that day…. Everything changed. It’s been 5+ years that I have been here at CFR and I can’t begin to count the ways my life has changed, and it all started with me stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something new.

One of the most important things I have learned from my education in the fitness field is that growth cannot occur without change. This is applicable to life as well. You will not grow by staying inside your comfort zone, it only happens when you step outside of it and challenging yourself. Learn a new skill that interests you, introduce yourself to someone new, go to a place you’ve never been… these are the moments that change us, that make us grow, and build us into better people.

Here is a bit from her blog. I urge you to go to her website and check out the whole thing!:

“It’s easy to settle into your circle, your routine, and your “space”.  You have your area that you always set your barbell up in at the same class every day.  You have your buddies that you gravitate to subconsciously as soon as you walk out of the locker room to make small talk and kill time while you wait for class to start.  And, you have the people you seek out to give high-5’s to and recap the workout with after class.

It’s your routine.  It’s what you know.  It’s your comfort zone.

But, while your routine is great because it keeps you on track and in your zone, it’s also limiting in branching out, building new relationships, and growing as a human being.

Take a different route to where you’re going, even if it adds on a few minutes to your trip.

Give someone a high 5 that you’ve never spoken a word to.

Go out of your way to start a conversation with one of your kid’s friends that you think doesn’t like you.

Sit at a different table in your workplace cafeteria or at the Starbuck’s you get your afternoon coffee at.

Routine is good.  But, change is good, too."