First Edition

Welcome to our first edition of Coach’s Corner! We’re hoping to shed some light on popular topics regarding health, fitness and nutrition.  

Today, I’m going to highlight an article written by Krista Scott-Dixon from Precision Nutrition called That fit person who’s ‘got it all together’…doesn’t.

If you are limited on time and only have a couple minutes to read this, forget about the article and read these bullet points:

  • The people that you think ‘have it all’ or don’t struggle with anything in their lives, actually struggle with just as much as you do.
  • EVERYONE has struggles / problems in their lives. No one is ‘perfect’. The biggest difference between people is how they choose to let their problems affect them and what they do to overcome them.
  • If someone has something you want, ask yourself this question; “What did they do to get the thing I want? Am I willing to do that thing too?”
  • Recognize and respect the fact that you are not always “OK” and embrace it – in other words, love yourself for who you are instead of disliking yourself for who you’re not.
  • Lastly, take small steps daily toward becoming a better version of you (what’s important is that YOU know you’re making a change, not your Facebook friends or Instagram family, so look for validation from within instead of from social media.

If you have more time, I suggest you read the article and the remainder of my thoughts regarding it…

The overall scope of this article is about recognizing that everyone has their own set of struggles / issues / obstacles – and no matter how ‘put together’ or ‘perfect’ someone may seem, they have obstacles too.  I believe that life is not about how hard you have it, or how big your problems are, life is about how you choose to respond to the obstacles in your way.  The key word here is ‘choose’ – EVERY moment of EVERY day you have a choice. Walk with me…

Your alarm goes off and you can 1) Hit the snooze or 2) Get up.  

During your morning bathroom trip you can 1) Complain to yourself about how tired you are or 2) Be thankful that you have another day to live your life.  

You go to the kitchen and you can 1) Make a healthy, nutritious breakfast or 2) Grab a ‘protein’ bar and banana.  

And the day goes on….

Life is full of choices and I honestly think that we get so stuck in our day to day lives that we forget we have the choice to make changes on a DAILY basis.  I don’t believe there are people who have it ‘easy’ and people who have it ‘hard’. I believe there are people who choose to use their challenges to their advantage and those who let their challenges rule them.  I heard a speech by Erik Weihenmayer, author of The Adversity Advantage.  This man became blind as a child and eventually climbed Mount Everest and the world’s Seven Summits – a feat that has not been accomplished by many, let alone a blind person.  His message is simple: Turn everyday struggles into everyday greatness.  Don’t let your challenges run your life – choose to make the most of them everyday!

If someone you know is better than you at something, or has something you don’t have, something that you want, here’s what you shouldn’t do: don’t complain to yourself or others about how easy it is for them and how you’ve worked so hard and still can’t do it.  Boo hoo!  

We see this all the time at the gym;  a person wants to get their first Pull Up – they come to the gym 2-3x per week for 3 months, still can’t do a Pull Up and complain that another person can do Pull Ups and it is so easy for them.  What this person fails to consider is that the other person has been training 3-5x per week for 2 years, has lost 15lbs of fat over that time frame and has done hours of extra training specifically to get better at Pull Ups.  

The one person complaining about how easy the other person has it, is not only annoying, their complaining is not going to get them any closer to Pull Ups. They’re being dis-respectful to someone who has busted their ass for the last two years to be good at Pull Ups.  

Media over-exposure makes it easy to fall into this trap – everyday we see people in their ‘best’ moments.  How many times on Facebook do you see vacation photos, videos of a PR Clean & Jerk, selfies of six packs, etc?  What you don’t see are the everyday struggles or the hundreds of hours of practice and sacrifice. We see the good and think it’s the everyday – but its not. 

Next time you find yourself idolizing someone and ‘wanting’ what they have, ask yourself, “What did they do to get there and am I willing to do that, too?” 

Everyone needs to work on being OK with not being OK.  Love you for you! 

There are two types of struggles / obstacles / things that make us not OK – 1) the ones you have no control over and 2) the ones you have control over.  If you don’t like something about yourself and you CAN change it – THEN CHANGE IT!!!  What are you waiting for?  If you can’t change it, then you need to change the way it affects you.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret, “Your mind is by far the most powerful tool you have and how you use it is the deciding factor regarding your success and happiness in this world.”  

Everyone has heard of Gandhi – he talks about this continuum where your thoughts become your words, which become your actions, which become your habits, which become your character, which become your destiny.  Notice anything?  It all starts with your thoughts!!  If you can buy-in to this statement it can change your life.  I say ‘can’ because if you believe this statement but don’t change your thoughts, you’ll continue to struggle changing the actions and habits you want to change.  

It all starts with your mindset – believe in yourself, love yourself, and you’ll do amazing things!

Thank you for reading! We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!