Four Words That Changed My Life

Energy. Desire. Passion. Fire.

When Jeremy and I started the gym back in 2011, we both quit jobs that were paying us more than double what we bring home currently. Sure, we miss the extra cash sometimes but we didn’t quit our jobs and start Reviver for the money.

We quit our jobs to change your life.

Every time you walk through the doors at the gym our number one goal is to make your day better. We are always seeking to become better programmers, better coaches and better businessmen. We are truly passionate about the community we’ve helped create and we want you to help keep it growing and evolving.

You can help make our community the best it can be by becoming a Leader. A Leader is someone who attends regularly, encourages other members, takes care of their body and is striving for the best in both their personal and professional life.

Do you have what it takes to become a Leader?

For the past few weeks, I’ve had four words running through my mind: Energy, Desire, Passion, and Fire.

I kept on repeating and thinking about these words, trying to figure out what they meant to me. I had no clue! Then one day it clicked and was burned into my heart – these are the words that describe what it takes to become a Leader:

Create ENERGY - What are your daily habits?

To seek your DESIRES - What are the non material things that will fulfill your life?

So others see your PASSION - How hard are you willing to work for it?

And feel your FIRE - Why you are willing to work so hard for it?

Create energy to seek your desires, so others see your passion and feel your fire. Repeating this simple phrase on a daily basis has totally changed my life. I want to share it so that it can change your life too.

I used to think that your regular attendance, encouragement of other members, taking care of your body and striving for the best in both your personal and professional life, were what it took to become a Leader of our community  – but that’s not true. Those things are the RESULT of being a Leader.

Being a Leader is living these words on a daily basis; creating ENERGY, to seek your DESIRES, so others see your PASSION, and feel your FIRE.

Are you ready to become a Leader?