Function + Mobility + Program = Optimal Results

Our Mission is to elevate your health and fitness to a level that results in a high quality of life. Helping you to match your Goal with your Function, Mobility, and Program is how we reach OPTIMAL results.  If you have had/or are dealing with injuries or lack of motivation or stagnant progress, this is because one or more of these items (goal, function, mobility, program) do not match with the others. Learning how to bring these areas into alignment will give you the results you desire.

Your Function:

There are two areas we look at closely to help you pick the best Program possible for your optimal results, your Function (the 23 hours outside of the gym) and your Mobility assessment. Your Function is; what you do for work, your social life, and your hobbies. How long you’ll be able to perform your Function and to what level you’ll be able to perform it at is determined by your Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, and Stress. How much time/effort do you put into improving nutrition, sleeping properly, hydration, and stress management? If all four of these are a high priority for you and are at optimal levels then great job, keep it up. If they are not at optimal levels then this is where we recommend you start making improvements immediately.

Your Mobility Assessment:

Because everyone has a different Function we also better understand that every exercise isn’t appropriate for everyone.  Because most people work 8-12hrs a day sitting at desk or standing all day, or have poor posture, and/or an old injury you most likely have asymmetries or lack full range of motion in one or more of your joints. If you do not have full range of motion in a joint and/or movement pattern (and without pain) you will make sacrifices in other joints that will lead to asymmetries and/or injury. Our first goal would be to avoid any movement that causes pain and/or compromises you’re position. Depending on the severity of the asymmetry our next goal would be to correct and develop the movement back to symmetrical.

Your Goal:

What are you looking for in a Program? Pain reduction, better movement, weight loss, more power, better work capacity? Each of these elements could require a different program. Are you General or Specific about your goals? Answering these questions will help us determine the path you follow. Your fitness should match your Function.

Your Program:

Group Program

  • General Goal
  • General Pain reduction
  • General Focus on mechanics of movement
  • General Balance (asymmetrical vs. symmetrical)
  • General Strength
  • General Lose weight (if desired)

Individual Program

  • Specific Goal
  • Specific Pain reduction
  • Specific Focus on mechanics of movement
  • Specific Balance (asymmetrical vs. symmetrical)
  • Specific Corrective exercise to Develop inefficiencies (don’t want to modify workouts)

Competitor Program

  • Sport of CrossFit
  • Exercising to win (money,prizes,trophies)
  • Performance outcome might be greater than health/longevity outcome

Nutrition Coaching

  • Accountability
  • Program built around your specific needs
  • Increase knowledge about food
  • Increase energy

(What do you want?) Who you are + How you move + Your exercise = You being AWESOME