Get The Most Out of Your Workout

By: Coach J

1.  Show Up Early!

When possible, show up 10-15mins early to your workout.  Use this time to sit in a chair face-down in your phone reading your Facebook feed – NOT!  Hop on a bike, rower or the pavement for 2-5mins to get your blood flowing.  Then, since 95% of you sit at a desk for 8+ hours per day, do some quality hip-mobility drills (Samson Stretch, Couch Stretch, Quad/Hip Flexor smash, etc) for a few minutes.  This doesn’t need to be intense, but this is a great opportunity to do some self-mobilizations to help prep you for the workout ahead.

2.  Listen

Trust me, we don’t address the class everyday just to hear ourselves talk – we do it so that everyone is on the same page regarding the goals of the workout, to answer questions, to ensure an efficient hour for the group and to share some strategies for the workout.  So please, focus and listen for the 5-8minutes we talk to the group each day – even if you are a seasoned vet and know what we are about to say.  I guarantee that if you listen, you’ll pick up a ‘nugget’ that will improve your workout.

3. Ask Questions

This one especially goes for the newer members of the gym.  If you’re not sure what you should be doing, please ask a COACH – not another gym member (unless your question is where the bathroom is located).  You pay us to coach you, please get your money’s worth.  Although your fellow classmates have great intentions, they aren’t coaches, so please rely on us to answer your questions and correct your form/mechanics.

4. Push Yourself

Improvements in fitness come through adaptations and the less experience you have with training the faster you’ll adapt and see progress.  This is why new-comers set new PR’s on a weekly basis.  This is also why a 5-year veteran of the gym might PR his/her Back Squat by a mere 5 pounds over the course of a year.  This is also why if you want to continue to see progress as time goes on, you must push yourself daily.  As you hopefully know, we focus on mechanics first and intensity second – however, if we’re telling you everything looks good, its a good sign that you can maybe be pushing a bit harder.  Also, if we prescribe a rest break between sets and during that rest break you are bored – its a good sign that you are either solely practicing mechanics or you’re not working very hard. 

Disclaimer:  this does not mean that you should sacrifice good mechanics just to go faster or lift more – if you do this your progress will plateau, I ensure you!

5. Cool Down

This is probably the easiest way to improve recovery that most people don’t do.  When the class is over go for a 5min walk or easy bike ride and follow it up with some light stretching of the areas we hit during the workout.  This keeps blood from pooling and helps re-lengthen the muscle you just contracted hundreds of times.  Do it!

6. Bonus – Eat Good Foods / Drink Water / Sleep to Recover

The three most common deficiencies we see working with people on their nutrition are protein, water and nutrients (vitamins / minerals).  Be sure to get adequate amounts of these throughout the day and most importantly after your workout.  You should be viewing sleep as the most important recovery tool you have – make it a priority!  If you need help with this be sure to get in touch with us.